5 Things That Can Increase Your iOS 9 Battery Backup

Apple has already started rolling out iOS 9 update to their consumers. iOS 9 comes with some engrossing new features and improvements. However, some users have claimed that iOS 9 is killing their batteries a lot more than previous version. If you are getting the same issue, here are some possible solutions that can certainly help you to increase battery backup after upgrading to iOS 9.

iOS 9 provides almost same or better battery backup than iOS 8. Nevertheless, problems can arrive from any corner. Therefore, to solve the most awkward issue, here are some fixes.

5 Things That Can Increase Your iOS 9 Battery Backup

Restart your Device

During upgrade, a lot of features get turned on and they keep running in the background even after completing the upgrade. Therefore, if you haven’t restarted your device manually after installing iOS 9, this is recommended to restart your device. It will help you to know whether any unnecessary app were running in the background or not. Generally, this step helps some users who have the aforementioned problem.

Some people keep getting the low battery backup issue even after restarting the device. If you are one of them, check out the following possible solutions.

Stop Checking New Features

Whenever we get a new device, upgrade, OS or even app, we start checking that continuously. Therefore, the battery gets drained very quickly. If you are using your iPhone continuously after upgrading to iOS 9, stop using it for a few hours. Our perception gets a change when we get low battery backup but sometime the problem lies on us. As suggested, if you are using your iPhone to check new features, apps, games, camera features, radio broadcast etc. just stop using them for a few while. We use a lot of apps and search for getting solutions to get more battery backup when the battery is providing its best.

Check Battery Usage and Turn Off Useless Apps

iOS 9 displays a comprehensive battery usage statistics where you can get the info from. In addition, you can check whether your background processes are consuming more battery or the foreground apps. If any known process or app is killing your battery, this is recommended to stop that app right away to save some battery backup. Generally, Mail and social networking apps like Facebook, Twitter etc. consumes a lot of battery backup. Hence, if you are using them, kill or uninstall that app for a day to check whether the reason is that app or not.

Stop Different Services

Some other background processes like Location Service, Push Notification etc. are required to get better iOS experience. These things help users to get better search result, latest happening, email, Facebook notification, security notification etc. right away. But, on the other hand, they are battery killer. Another thing is Background App Refresh. Some apps need to refresh in the background so that you can get latest updates. For instance, your email app needs to refresh itself after a particular span of time so that it can show latest email. On the other hand, Facebook app needs to refresh itself so that you can get latest notifications, friend requests etc.

Stop background App Refresh in iOS

Image Credit: iMore

Now, this is recommended to stop Location Service, Push Notifications and background App Refresh to check whether these things are killing your battery or not.

LTE Consumes More Battery

This is a common fact. 3G consumes more battery than 2G. Just like that, 4G LTE consumes more battery than 3G. According to Apple, iPhone 6S with iOS 9 is capable of providing 12 hours internet usage on LTE. But, that time becomes lower day by day. You cannot expect more than 8 hours of internet usage on LTE.

Wrap Up

If any of the above-mentioned solutions doesn’t work, it’s time to go to an Apple store to check whether your battery has any problem or not. Generally, this is a very rare issue but there is no guarantee that a battery will run 4 years without any problem. That is why you should head over to an Apple Store if these troubleshoots do not work.

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