15 Most Useless Websites on the Internet

Is it true? Are there many useless websites on the internet?

Yeah, it is true! Just out of curiosity, I have researched a bit about useless sites on the web. Guess what? I got plenty of websites with literally no use.

So, I decided to write a post mentioning some of the most useless sites you can find on the internet. If you are not a fun person, you can skip this post.

Most Useless Websites on the Internet

useless websites

As I said earlier, there are tons of useless websites on the web. I have chosen a few of them to include in this post.

So, are you ready to dive into the most useless sites on the web? Here you go!

I have divided this into different subheads for your reading convenience.

·         heeeeeeeey.com

I hope you are not expecting anything useful out of this. Being one of the most useless website on the internet, it plays a heeey sound followed by a redirection to hooooooooo.com. The second website, as you might have guessed makes hooo.

·         papertoilet.com

Yeah, what you see on this website is a roll of toilet paper. You can unroll or rollback the same. Have fun if you have enough time to kill.

·         mostexclusivewebsite.com

As the name suggests the website is exclusive. Means only one person can get access to it at a time. You have to take a ticket and be in the queue to get the entrance.

·         ismycomputeron.com

Nothing but a prank, and yeah, one of the most useless websites! You will get a big YES as you visit this. What else you expect from a useless website?

·         pleaselike.com

Reminded me of those folks, who message pls like ma profile pic bro on FB. You see only an FB like button there.

·         purple.com

Nothing but a webpage filled completely with the color, purple. There’s pretty much nothing for you to do on it. That’s why it is one of the most useless websites, right?

·         iamawesome.com

You are awesome. I know that. Want a convincing statement? Just visit this website.

·         thebestdinosaur.com

The developer of this website believes that there is a dinosaur, which stands out from the rest. You can see the picture of that dinosaur on this site.

·         staggeringbeauty.com

Surprise! You must figure this out on your own.

·         donothingfor2minutes.com

Yeah, you have to do nothing for two minutes. The counter gets reset once you move your mouse or hit any key. They want you to just listen to the sound of waves.

You think it useless?

·         fallingguy.com

Yes, there’s a guy on the web page. You can just scroll down or up to see him falling.

·         ducksarethebest.com

Are they? What you really do is filling the screen with ducks. At least on their website, ducks aren’t the best.

·         rrrgggbbb.com

You see only red, green and blue colors on this one of the most useful website. You can hover the mouse pointer over R, G or B to listen to a unique sound and see the screen turns into that specific color.

·         everydayim.com

Are you a hard working man? Then, you may enjoy this site at least for a few seconds.

·         ninjaflex.com

Do you like Ninjas? Here comes the flexible ninja.

Wrapping Up

You have got fifteen of the most useful websites available on the internet now.

Yeah, there are more. If you like this post, let me know in the comment section. I will prepare a follow-up list of this article with many other useless sites.

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