Using Skype Translator Preview for English and Spanish Translation Services

From the early days of internet usage, Skype service has been globally renowned for chatting and making free video calls from our PC, laptop, etc. to a friend / relative sitting in any corner of the world. With the advancement of technology, this service has transformed itself through Skype app on mobile phones and tablets for making video calls and enabling video conferencing on the go. For long, it has been the benchmark for many new video calling apps or software. Continuing with this trend and the growing need for language translation, Skype has come up with Skype translation service.

In this article, we shall go through the Skype Translator Preview facility that has been launched on 15th December, 2014 for Windows PC users as well as Windows Phone users. We shall understand tips to download Skype translator (get access to Skype translator) as well as its wonderful features.

How to register for Skype Translator?

Skype users can visit the Skype Translator Preview Page to sign-up for this translation service.

Skype Translator Preview Registration Page

The translator preview sign-up process is pretty simple as it only requires the existing Skype customers to fill up relevant details in the above page (including Skype translator registration code, if you have any). Once this is done, you will become a preview user and can start using this amazing translation tool from Skype. They are relying on the experience of preview users for fine-tuning these translation services.

Skype Translator features

This innovation from Skype provides instant translation for written languages as well as spoken languages during the course of a Skype conversation. In simple words, when you call someone who speaks a different language, you will be heard to them in their own language due to real-time translation during Skype calls. Similarly, when the other person replies back, you will hear it in your own language. Additionally, transcript of your call will appear in Skype window screen.

Skype Translator Preview Page Intro

For the time being, this service provides translation in only English and Spanish languages as well as around 40 instant messaging languages (for quick Skype chats). This Skype feature is based on machine learning technology and is bound to improve further with more usage. It may not be perfect at the start and so there are lots of user queries expected, especially during this first round of exposure to this service. You need to be patient with this and understand that the English and Spanish translation quality will improve gradually. These are one of its kind features that have been made possible after years of research as well as reliance on speech recognition and automatic translation technologies.

It is unbelievable to see these kind of innovations come up. This amazing service could go a long way in breaking the long running language barrier all over the world. As an ardent fan of technology, I just hope this innovative feature from Skype achieves what it has set out for! Without any further delay, I will register my interest to try the Skype translator and get first-hand experience. Will you?

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