How to And How Not to Auto Loop Or Autoplay Youtube Videos

The YouTube video Auto-Play and Auto-Loop has mixed opinions. It is helpful for webmasters/bloggers who need an option to make sure their readers watch their demo videos on blogs. On the other hand, quite many YouTube users(like me), these features are quite annoying at times. So I’ll make sure both are benefited. This tutorial will demonstrate how to enable as well as disable the auto-looping and auto-playing feature for YouTube videos.

Let us start with a sample YouTube Video – Social Networking In Easy English.

How does Auto-Play work on YouTube ?

Whenever you click on a video URL on any YouTube Page (search page, homepage or channel page) the resulting video page opens and starts playing the video automatically. The reason behind is the URL(with a code) embedded in the link.

Disable the auto-play in YouTube

The URL looks like the screenshot above. The portion /watch?v=6a_KF7TYKVc does the job for them. If you want to tweak it so that the video is not auto-played, just change the URL as shown in the image just below.

Opening this link will make sure the video do not start playing automatically.

How to enable auto-play feature for viewing purpose only

The trick is pretty simple. Just add &autoplay=1 at the end of the URL to make the video starts playing automatically. Now if you are on YouTube and is clicking a video link to see it, then you do not need any trick, as its already tweaked by them to start playing automatically. But if you are copying it from any other webpage, check the url. If it has the /watch?v= attribute already appended you will need no tweaks. But if it has the /v/video-id format just append &autoplay=1 at the end and use the URL to view it.

How to use auto-play feature for embedding purpose

The default embed code looks as shown below. Now find the video URL within the embed code.

Now make the necessary adjustments to the video URL as shown in the screenshot below.

How to use auto-loop feature

All the previous rules apply while viewing and embedding. Just use &loop=1 in place of &autoplay=1.

How to enable both the auto-play and auto-loop feature

All the previous rules apply while viewing and embedding. Just use &autoplay=1&loop=1 without using them separately.

That’s all. Feel free to comment if you have any more questions on this trick. You may also like 10 Useful Youtube URL Tips and Tricks.

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  1. Deathangel says:

    It doesn’t work on this link

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  3. Lucky1038 says:

    Thank you for your work and generosity in posting this. However what I need to know is to how to STOP a youtube video clip (made using ytCropper) from looping. Here is the URL of one of the clips I just made: via ytCropper

    I DO have “noloop/noautoplay” in the URL but when I email the above link to my friend it loops???

    I would be immensely happy if you would help me. I’ve struggled with this for weeks.

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