What is New in Android M Developer Preview Update 2

Google has launched a new update of Android M Developer Preview, which has been running since past few weeks following the Google I/O 2015. Android M Developer preview has been available for almost all Nexus devices. The image can be downloaded and be flashed within few minutes. However, Google is rolling out an update for this developer preview image with some bug fixes and enhancements so that users can experience a better UI and performance.

If you are an Android M Developer Preview user and want to upgrade your image, you should know the new things of this. Therefore, the following list contains some major updates those are included in this new developer preview.

What is New in Android M Developer Preview 2 Update

What is New in Android M Developer Preview Update 2

Although, the list is not too big, yet, some interesting updates have been included.

Android M Developer Preview 2 is available as Emulator System Image as well: This is probably the most interesting update for existing and new Android M developer preview users since now they can use it using emulator. This is the first time, when Google has brought such a useful update to the users.

OTA Update: If you are an Android M Developer Preview user and want to update it to the latest build, you do not have to download the image and flash it again. Instead, you can just get the update as an OTA update. This is great for all the users.

Dark Theme is no longer available: Android M developer preview had two different themes for all users. Although, the Light theme is still the default theme but the Dark version is not available in the update. That implies a lot of issues are going through this dark theme to be implemented permanently.

Platform permission enhancement: This new update users will be able to control all the permissions as per their wish. In fact, they can control permissions according to network settings, Bluetooth, storage and so on. That will surely bring better user experience.

Better language switch option: This is possible to change keyboard language on Android. However, now it would be possible to change language of any page using a simple switch. A new button will be appeared on all pages that will let you switch from one language to any other.

New capabilities: Some new behaviors and capabilities are included in the update. That will power up the power saving features a lot.

Known issues of Android M Developer Preview 2

Even after having so many big fixes, still this image comes with some problems those are known to the developers. For example,

Messenger crashes on emulator: Some 64-bit emulator users have claimed that the in-built Messenger app keeps crashing.

Contact storage issue: You need to clear all date of your contacts to synchronize contacts once again. That means, after updating to Update 2, your first job is to clear data of Contacts Storage in order to start synchronizing your contacts.

YouTube video share not available: Now, this is really awkward issue since there are many people, who always share YouTube videos on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp etc. However, if you are one of them, you will not be able to share an interesting video right through the YouTube app.

Android for Work not working: This is almost confirmed that Android for Work profile doesn’t work on Android M Developer Preview 2. That means, if you have any Android for Work profile on first update, you will not get the access of them on Update 2.

Remote Control issue: Remote control of Android M keeps crashing on Update 2. Some users are facing connectivity issue.

Download Android M Developer Preview Update 2.

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