Why Is iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Not Charging And How To Solve

Although iPhones are known as a reliable device, they can often show problems too. If you are an iPhone user and your iPhone is not charging correctly, you should check out this list to get some ideas and solutions. There can be a thousand reasons why your iPhone is not charging, and some of the possible causes are mentioned below, along with the solution. Therefore, you can follow these tips and tricks before heading to the service centre.

For your information, it doesn’t matter if you have this issue with the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, you can apply the same solutions on all products.

iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Not Charging

Why Is iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Not Charging And How To Solve

If your device is not charging at all, there can be a few problems. Some of the tips and tricks are mentioned below.

1] Plug Into Power Supply

This is a very issue with some people who often plug in the power charger but forget to switch on the supply. If so, this is recommended to re-check if you have done the same thing.

2] Wireless Charger

iPhone 8 and later version of iPhones support wireless charger. If you have bought a wireless charger, and you are trying to use that to charge your device, this is recommended to re-check if that wireless charger is working or not. Also, don’t forget to provide the power supply to your wireless charger. Otherwise, it won’t work for obvious reasons. Also, the wireless charger must be connected to the USB cable.

3] Wall Power Outlet

If you are using the traditional method to charge a device, you have to put your charger into a wall power socket to get the power supply.

4] Use Computer

Your turned on computer can charge your device. This is the way to ensure that your USB power adapter is working or not. To do that, you need to use the USB cable to connect your phone to the computer. No matter whether you have a MacBook or a Windows computer, you can try out this method.

5] Change USB Cable

Sometimes the USB cable can cause this issue – even if the power adapter is working fine. You can try a different USB cable to charge your iPhone or any other iOS device.

6] Avoid USB Hub

If you are trying to provide power supply from a USB hub, this is recommended to avoid that for a moment, if your device is not charging at all. Sometimes the USB hub can make conflict and provide no power supply. It is suggested to use only Apple-certified accessories.

7] Check For Possible Damage

If your USB cable or USB power adapter is broken, damaged, bent, or there is a leakage, it may not provide the power supply for safety purpose. You need to check for possible damages in those two most important things.

8] Mobile Port Is Damaged

If your power supply equipment are working fine with other device and it is not working with a particular iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch, there can be some issues with your device. The power port of your iOS device can be damaged if you do not take care of it. Although dust may not create such an issue, it is recommended to get a very soft cloth and try to clean it up as well.

9] Keep It On Charge For 30 Minutes

According to the official Apple website, you should keep your iPhone or any other device on charge for at least 30 minutes. Sometimes if you are charging your phone after a very long time, the battery can take a moment to get ready. In that case, an iOS device can work within a few minutes, but it is suggested to keep that on charge for minimum of 30 minutes. If you cannot find any positive response, follow the other tips.

10] Restart Your Device

A simple ‘restart’ can solve countless problems irrespective of the device. You can try out that troubleshooting tips as well. You need to restart your device and put it on charge again.

11] Try To Cool It Down

Apple is popular for many reasons, and this is one of them. If your device has adopted heavy heat during the charging time, it won’t charge after a certain amount of time. 80% is the level where your iPhone or any other iOS device might get disconnected from the power supply automatically if the temperature is high. You need to cool it down and plug into the power supply again.

12] Go To The Service Center

If nothing is working for you, this is the time to head to an authorised service centre. This is not recommended to visit a local store to solve this issue. You might have to spend more money at an authorised store, but they will provide the best service if your device is under warranty.

These are some of the best troubleshooting tips and tricks to follow when your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch has stopped charging.

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