5 Best Messaging Apps With End to End Encryption

Security and privacy are two of the primary concerns in today’s world and while a lot of companies are taking it seriously and doing their best to ensure that their users stay safe and secure when using their platforms and services, a few apps still hasn’t employed the necessary security measures.

With the number of devices and the people who are using them growing exponentially everyday, it is important to make sure that the app or the messaging platform you are using is safe and free from privacy intrusion. Messaging apps are currently the most popular form of communication and billions of people around the world prefer sending text messages using an app rather than voice or video calling.

So naturally it is more important to use a messaging app that comes with default end to end encryption options and other privacy or security options. End to end encryption means whatever you send or receive, be it a text message, an image or even a video it will be scrambled with random information till it reaches the receiver. This is to ensure that no one in the middle would try to eavesdrop your message.

5 Best Messaging Apps With End to End Encryption

  1. Signal :

Generally what messaging apps do is send your message to the intended person after passing it through their server. Sometimes they also store your images or videos for a short amount of time for quick access. While some people never mind this, it is actually a concern to the user’s privacy. If you are one among the concerned, then you should use Signal from now on for all your communication needs.

Signal is a private messaging app and it is developed with the main aim of privacy and security in mind. The best feature of Signal is the disappearing messages which are somewhat similar to the disappearing status feature in Whatsapp and Instagram. The app is also open source in nature so even if you don’t trust their privacy policies you can directly examine the source code.

2. Silent:

Along with end to end encrypted messaging and file transfers, Slient phone is an Android app which also supports peer to peer encryption for both voice and as well as video calls made through the app. So, as long as both you and the person you are contacting are using the app, all the communication will be encrypted and cannot be eavesdropped by any external source.

The best about Silent phone is that you can also make encrypted conference calls with up to 6 members in your list and this is really cool if you want to discuss some confidential business related stuff. There is also an auto self destruct feature available in the app which will delete your important messages or entire conversation after a set amount of time. You can also use this app to send important documents as they will be more secure than sending through email.

3. Dust – a safer place to text

Dust is a secure messaging app which is best for people who doesn’t want to leave any trace behind, both online and offline. The app literally dust every evidence off you both from their servers and from the local storage on your device. You can either chose to self destruct your messages as soon as the recipient reads them or after a preset time. The developers of the app promise that even they won’t be accessing your conversations or your data.

My favourite feature about the Dust app is that it doesn’t even allow people to have an evidence of your conversation even by taking a screenshot. Because the app will not be displaying the name of the person in a private conversation when someone is taking a screenshot. Even if a screenshot is taken, you will be instantly notified just like in Snapchat.

4. Telegram

Telegram is one of the very first messaging apps that was developed completely keeping security and privacy in mind and it also one of the most downloaded end to end encryption based messaging apps. While the initial aim for Telegram was to compete with Whatsapp, it later focussed completely on security. Unlike the other apps in the list, Telegram comes with cross device support, so you can use it on your phone as well as on your PC, simultaneously.

Besides security, Telegram comes with a lot of additional interesting features like unlimited file sharing capabilities, group chats with upto 20,000 members which is one of the highest limit in text messaging apps and best of all the app is completely free to use for life, with completely no ads. You can also use Telegram for casual chats as it also supports GIFs, video and image editing tools.

5. Pryvate Now – The Secure Mobile Communication App

The developers of Pryvate Now promises Military grade encryption for your conversations and they also ensure that all your connections with other Pryvate Now members are direct and there is no middle ground or any other remote servers involved in between. They even give you a free trial for 30 days to try out all the features.

The most useful feature about the Pryvate Now messenger is that it also provides in built integration with Microsoft services like Microsoft Exchange which means you can backup or access your emails securely from the Exchange server right from the Pryvate Now app. You can even integrate your personal or professional mails with the app.

What do you think about these messaging apps with end to end encryption in our link. Do you know some other app which should also be added to this list? Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below!

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