7 Vlogging Equipment To Make Vlogging Easier And Better

Nowadays, vlogging has become a profession, and people are rushing towards it. However, only a few people get success. The key to long-term success in vlogging is quality content. No matter whether you make travel videos, lifestyle videos, or anything else, you need to provide quality. To present the quality content, you should have some good tools. Otherwise, you cannot make things clear. Therefore, you should check out this article where you can find some of the best vlogging equipment to make vlogging easier and better in a simple method. For obvious reasons, you need to spend some money to obtain all the tools, as mentioned in the following list.

7 Vlogging Equipment To Make Vlogging Easier And Better

1] Canon G7X Mark II

7 Vlogging Equipment To Make Vlogging Easier And Better

Canon is good in the video recording field, and everyone knows that already. Although Sony can compete with Canon in different areas, Canon will surely be the first preference for many people. Therefore, you should check out this camera called Canon G7X Marl II, which is not a DSLR, but it does a better job than most of the mid-range DSLR cameras for beginners. As it is a vlogging camera, you can find a flip screen so that you can continuously check the frame as you record. Talking about the display, it has a 3-inch LCD for management purposes. On the other hand, you can find a 20.9-megapixel lens with 4K video recording capability, 4.2x optical zoom, 4x digital zoom, etc. The only problem with this camera is that you cannot find the AC adapter. Apart from that, you may not notice any major lack of this small and portable camera. Check the deal

2] Ring Light

7 Vlogging Equipment To Make Vlogging Easier And Better

There are mainly two kinds of vloggers – some make videos from home, and the rest of them travel places to make videos. If you often make videos from home, you might need perfect lighting to get the most out of your place. For better frames, you need to install studio lighting, which doesn’t have any reflection. However, there is another kind of light, which is called a ring light. The shape of this light is exactly what it says – circular. It makes the frame better, and you can get some good effects if you know how to use a ring light creatively. The best thing is that a ring light doesn’t cost a lot, but it does the job pretty well.

3] Gimbal

GoPro Accessories For Action Video Shooting

Let’s assume that you travel a lot and make videos to make a living. At such a moment, you need a tool that can do a better job than a hand tripod. That is when a gimbal comes to play. If you do not know what a gimbal is, you are missing out on something convenient. A gimbal can stabilize your videos while recording by stabilizing the camera itself. No matter whether you record videos using your phone or a professional DSLR camera, you can use a gimbal to get the job done. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter if your camera has an optical image stabilization or not, you can still get a better recording using the camera or mobile. However, the price of a good DSLR compatible gimbal is high – $300 minimum. But it is worth the money.

4] Hand Tripod

7 Vlogging Equipment To Make Vlogging Easier And Better

A hand tripod and vlogging are internally integrated into each other. If you often go out in the street to make videos for your YouTube channel, a hand tripod is what you need. As it is not practical to grab the camera directly to record videos, you should opt for a hand tripod. There are countless hand tripods available in the market, and the price depends on the manufacturer, features, build quality, design, material, etc. However, you can expect something excellent if you can spend around $100-150. However, if you are starting your YouTube channel now and you do not have much money to fund, you can opt for a cheaper one.

5] Spare Camera Battery

Almost all the cameras require a battery to power up the machine. However, some people often face problems because of low battery backup. Let’s assume that you are recording something awesome and your camera gives up, how would you feel? To get rid of such a moment, you should carry one or two spare batteries so that you never miss out on a special moment. No matter which camera you are using to record your films, you can get space batteries, either online or offline retailers. It is recommended to opt for the official website first to check if they sell spare batteries or not. If not, you can check out the Amazon or any other website to find a good deal.

6] External Microphone

7 Vlogging Equipment To Make Vlogging Easier And Better

A video is not complete without good audio, and every vlogger knows it. If you are a vlogger, you should use a good microphone instead of relying on the in-built mic of your camera or mobile. Most of the in-built microphones do not record good audio, and eventually, your vlog might get ruined. Therefore, it is recommended to spend some money on a good Rode microphone so that your audience can get clear audio when in a windy place.

7] Adobe Premiere Pro

Different people use different video editing software to make a good film. For example, most Mac users use Final Cut Pro, whereas most of the Windows users use Adobe Premiere Pro. No matter which platform you use, you should opt for the Adobe Premiere Pro, which is much more reliable and comes with a lot of features. However, you need to spend some time to understand all the features so that you can do something correctly. For that, watch some videos on YouTube or some other website or do some courses.

That’s all! These are some of the essential tools for a vlogger. If you are going to start your vlogging career, you should follow this list.

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