Best Apple Watch Docks You Can Buy Today

If you have an Apple Watch and you want to charge it at a secure location, you should opt for a dock. The official charger is pretty good in terms of build quality and features. However, if you want to purchase a third-party charging dock for Apple Watch, you should take a look at this article. Here are some of the best Apple Watch charging docks you can buy today. These are quite fancy, and they have a good number of features so that you do not think twice before opting for them.

Best Apple Watch Docks You Can Buy Today

1] Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock

Best Apple Watch Docks You Can Buy Today

It is the official charging dock that you can purchase from various online and offline retailers, including the official website of Apple. On the official Apple website, it costs around $79. Talking about the features, you can find a simple-looking dock where you can put your Apple Watch to start the charging. It comes with lighting to USB cable to provide the power supply. Talking about the compatibility, you can use any Apple Watch with this charging dock. That said, it is possible to use Apple Watch Series 5 as well as 1st Generation Apple Watch. The only drawback of this charging station is that it has a 5W USB power adapter. In other words, you cannot charge your Apple Watch quickly if you need it to be done within 15 or 20 minutes. However, the quality of this product is more than excellent, and that is Apple sells it for $79. Check the deal

2] Belkin PowerHouse Charging Dock

Best Apple Watch Docks You Can Buy Today

If you need a multi charging dock, which you can use to charge your iPhone as well as Apple Watch, you should check out this product called Belkin PowerHouse Charging Dock. It looks very fancy and does the job without any problem. No matter whether you want to charge iPhone XR, XS, 11 Pro Max, or anything else, you can charge it with the help of this charging dock. On the other hand, it is compatible with Apple Watch Series 1 to 5. Therefore, no matter which latest iPhone and Apple Watch you use, you can put both of them in one place and get them charged. The overall appearance of this product is elegant, and you won’t be disappointed by the quality as well. Regarding the price, you need to pay $111 to purchase Belkin PowerHouse Charging Dock from the Amazon website. Check the deal

3] Orzly Charging stand

Best Apple Watch Docks You Can Buy Today

If you do not want to spend a lot of money from your pocket, but you want to get a good-looking charging dock for your Apple Watch, it might be helpful for you. It costs only $9 on the Amazon website, but it provides almost all the features you might need. That said, you might not get a fast charger or very fancy looking stand, you can get a charging dock, which is compatible with all the Apple Watch, including Series 4. It has four different color combinations I.e., Black, Blue, Green, and Red. If your workstation theme matches with any given color, you should opt for that variant. Otherwise, Black goes with everything. Check the deal

4] Belkin Valet Charge Dock

Best Apple Watch Docks You Can Buy Today

It is probably the fanciest looking charging dock for Apple Watch. No matter whether you have Apple Watch Series 5 or the 1st Generation Apple Watch, you can use this charging dock to get your wearable device charged. It is kind of a stand, which allows users to charge their devices without any issue. The body has a meta chrome finish so that it looks better than other plastic made docks. On the other hand, the base has a white color coating so that the overall product looks fancy on the table. It has an integrated magnetic charger so that you can charge your device wirelessly. The magnetic surface is strong enough to hold any Apple Watch, and as a user, you can use it without any worry. Check the deal

5] YoFeW Charging Stand

Best Apple Watch Docks You Can Buy Today

Many people often need a charging station instead of a charging dock when they are into the Apple ecosystem. If you have all Apple products such as Apple Watch, iPhone, AirPod, etc. and you want to charge them simultaneously, you can think of a product like this one. No matter whether you have Apple Watch Series 5, 4, 3, 2, or anything else, you can use it alongside AirPods as well as iPhone. However, the only problem with this product is that it is not compatible with AirPods Pro. The overall quality and finish of this product are pretty good, and you would be impressed after getting it in your hands. The whole thing is made of metal (except a few things), and that is why you should expect good quality from the manufacturer. Check the deal

6] XUNMEJ iWatch Stand Holder

Best Apple Watch Docks You Can Buy Today

In case you have only iPhone and Apple Watch and you want to get the most out of the charging dock, you should check out this XUNMEJ iWatch Stand Holder. It doesn’t cost a lot, but it does everything entirely. Talking about the price, it costs around $9 on the Amazon website. The best thing about this product is that you can use any Apple Watch and iPhone, which has wireless charging capability. It implies that you can use Apple Watch Series 5 as well as 1 alongside iPhone 7 and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The look of this charging dock is pretty good, and you should not get any problem to hold both items at a time. Check the deal

These are some of the best charging docks available for Apple Watch. I hope you like the list.

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