8 Best Android Apps For Comic Book Lovers

There was a time once when we ran from store to store to get our hands on the next release of the entry in our favorite comic series, which were often out of stock due to their popularity. But now the times have changed so quickly that it makes one wonder how fast the technical advances have been. All comic books today are just a touch away with the advent of smart phones and the world of apps. Simply download the dedicated apps, buy your favorite comics and start reading. Can it be any simpler? Here are the best apps in the app market today that can be used to follow your favorite comics –

1. Perfect Viewer

If you already have a vast virtual comic books collection, this is the app for you. Perfect Viewer is one of the most famous comic readers on Android. The user interface is simple enough and the functioning is smooth and quick. It supports almost all file types in the category including CBZ/ZIP, CBR/RAR, 7Z/CB7, LZH and also PDF. But to incorporate the PDF files in your comic database, you first need to install the PDF plugin when prompted by the app. Apart from these, the image file formats are also supported including JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP and WebP. Once the collection is loaded in the app, it is displayed as a neat bookshelf where the comics are just a tap away from reading. Other reading functions include setting bookmarks and adding your beloved comics to favorites.

2. Madefire

Dubbed as “the next big thing in digital comics”, Madefire is an app tailor made for DC Comics lovers. You have the option to browse hundreds of digital comics from top publishers including DC,  IDW, Dark Horse, Oni Press, Liquid, Valiant and Top Cow. Almost all comics have to be bought through the in-app purchases but readers are also provided with Weekly special free releases every Friday. New comics are released every Wednesday in a featured day to day format. But what has made it so irresistible? The integration of sound, motion and 3D views! You can now read comics accompanied with media for that ultimate experience that only smartphones can offer. Check out the video below to know more about the concept –

3. Comics

With a database of over 50,000 comics and graphic novels, Comics by Comixology is not far behind in the race to be the best app in the niche. It is powered by Comixology’s trademark ‘Guided View Technology’ for a better reading experience for users which helps them to easily scan, zoom and flip pages. The app takes the game ever further by featuring the comics the same day as they are print released. The top publishers include Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, IDW and Disney. All comics can be directly purchased and read through the in-app purchases.

4. Comic Rack

Comic Rack is another popular comic book collection reader like Perfect Viewer, and for people who already have a comic book collection. Please note that this is not a comic book store nor a downloader. Just like Perfect Viewer, the app requires that you have your own comic collection which the app can organize for easy usage and optimum reading. Comic Rack has long been the perfect eComic manager for Windows. And now with their dedicated Android app, they are not far behind in the smartphone race. If you already use its Windows version, the app would synchronize the saved files and ‘read positions’ with the phone, even automatically converting the file versions for quick reading on mobile.

5. Marvel Unlimited

No questions asked, this is simply the best comic book app for Marvel Fans. Being the official Marvel App, readers can find almost all Marvel Comics ever released, spanning over 70 years of production. The feature that makes it stand out from the rest is the patented Smart Panels Technology that enhances the ease of viewing comics on your phone. Once the comics have been bought though the in-app purchases, users can also read them offline anytime they want. But the offer that steals the show is the ability to read over 15,000 comics for just $9.99 a month. Currently, this is not offered by any other Comic App on the Google Play Store.

6. Manga Rock

The list won’t be complete without including Manga Comics. Manga Rock is the best Manga Comics app out there. Readers can download over 100k Manga comics from 20+ trusted sources. The old Manga Rock app had been updated to the new version recently. The users of the old app would be given proper instruction in the new app on how to migrate your data and restore your in-app purchases. Moreover, the app offers Manga in 7 different languages including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, and Vietnamese, which makes it a popular app option in various countries.

7. A Comic Viewer

If you use a low end smartphone but are craving to read your comic collection on your phone, this is the app for you. Previously known as Droid Comic Viewer, it is the lightest app in the niche that does the job pretty well. The supported file types are CBZ/ZIP, ACV, CBR/RAR (beta), JPEG, PNG, BMP & image folders. This is the free version of the app which has advertisements. You can check out this version and if you like it, buying the premium version will remove the adverts and facilitate in distraction free reading.


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8. DC Comics

Another app by ComiXology in the list, this is the app for DC Comics lovers. Meet the likes of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and The Flash with more than 1000 new comic books and graphic novels published annually. Directly download the comics through the in-app purchases and start reading. There are also many weekly offers to take advantage of. The app is powered by the unique Guided View technology of ComiXology that we also find in the ‘Comics’ app in the list. Apart from the latest comic entries, the archives also include the legendary classics library that made us all comic book lovers in the first place!


In conclusion, if you are a Marvel Comics fan, you should really opt for the super saver monthly offer by subscribing to Marvel Unlimited. On the other hand, Manga Comic lovers should go for the dedicated Manga Rock app. For DC Comic lovers, both the apps by ComiXology, namely – ‘Comics’ and ‘DC Comics’ are perfect options.

Do tell us which is your favorite Comic Reader App in the comments below!

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