Android Apps to Edit Share List and Share with Multiple Apps

Undoubtedly, Android is one of the most advanced platforms for mobiles and tablets, which is based on Unix. Android is popular for many reasons, and one of them is the Google Play Store, which provides loads of free apps, games, ebooks, movies, etc. Like any other platform, you can have a ‘share’ option that allows users to share a particular link, image, video, document, etc. with any other people. For instance, if you want to share a screenshot with your friend or anybody else, you can simply head on to the Share button and use email, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, etc. to get it done. But, what if you want to edit the Share list or share with multiple apps at once? This is certainly possible if you have an Android mobile.

Android Apps to Edit Share List and Share with Multiple Apps

There are two very reliable and useful Android apps to edit share list and share with multiple apps at a time. They are called Andmade Share and Fliktu. Andmade Share is free, but you need to pay $1 to get Fliktu on your mobile. Let’s check out what else you can get with these apps.

1] Andmade Share

This is probably the best option to opt for when you need to share a particular link, video or anything else with your friends. This is possible to share anything with multiple apps (email, Bluetooth, etc.) at once. This is probably the best-inbuilt share menu alternative what you can be downloaded to Android 2.1 and later version. Talking about the features, you can get these with this free app;

  • You can share particular thing to more than one apps at once.
  • You can rearrange the sharing list if you want
  • Special option for Evernote users to clip anything quickly
  • You can hide unnecessary sharing apps if you want. However, it requires the Pro version.
  • If you often share anything via email and you have included more than email addresses in your mobile, you can set the preferred email ID, and that will be used in future.

Talking about the user interface, it has a minimalist UI. The best part is it comes with a “Night Mode” and a “Daylight Mode” so that you can use it in a low light area without any major issue. To use this app, simply install it and try to share something. While clicking on the Share button, you can find it alongside the default share option. Therefore, you need to use the screen option to do everything. Download: Free | Pro

2] Fliktu

Fliktu is yet another great Android app, but this is not free at all. You need to purchase it for $1. However, it worth every penny because it comes with some awesome features and some of them are mentioned below;

  • Default share menu alternative: Like Andmade Share, you can replace your default share menu with Fliktu, and it works perfectly.
  • Shake to open: This is the best part of Fliktu since you can open the share pane by just shaking the phone. Therefore, you can use different apps to share your link, image, video or anything else.
  • Hide unwanted apps: Like Andmade share, you can hide unnecessary sharing tool such as Evernote, Email, Bluetooth, etc. if you want.

Talking about the user interface, you can find all the options like a tabbed view. Therefore, you cannot find any clutter at all. Just navigate to the different tabs and enable/disable anything accordingly. Download

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