Best Apple Watch Fitness Apps To Lose Weight

Apple Watch is a great companion of people who want to stay healthy all the times. Although Apple Watch has countless features, most of the people use it for daily workouts. If you are one of them, you can check out these Apple Watch fitness apps so that you can track your daily activity, and stay healthy no matter how old are you.

Best Apple Watch Fitness Apps

1] Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club

Nike is a sports equipment manufacturer, and they are tied up with dozens of great players, and clubs around the world. The same company has rolled out an app to track daily activities. As the name suggests, you can track and store runs, get coaching plans from professionals, etc. Apart from that, there is audio-guided runs with Nike coaches, global and custom challenges, and many more. The interface looks clean, and this is why the Nike Run Club is so much popular as a fitness app. Download

2] Seven – 7 Minute Workout

Seven - 7 minute workout

Some people do not get much time for a run, or weightlifting, etc. If you are one of them, you should take advantage of seven-minute training, which is quite popular around the globe. There is an app called Seven – 7 Minute Workout that lets you do various simple workouts within seven minutes. You might not have to leave your bedroom to complete a season. However, the result would be pretty good if you can continue with the app. Download

3] Runtastic Fitness Running App


If you are trying to find some fitness apps for your iOS device, you might have already come across to Rustastic. It is a quite popular name in this industry because of providing many handy functionalities. As the name defines, you can use this app to track your running. From calorie calculator to personalized user interface, everything is included in the Runtastic application. Even though Apple Watch has a small screen as compared to a mobile, you can find all the essential information right in your fingertips. Download

4] Runkeeper – GPS Running Tracker


Runkeeper is a great substitute to Runtastic as they have some identical features. For example, you can track your jogging activity, heart rate, amount of calorie during a season. It is possible to listen to some motivational music, see your progress while running, set goals, and more. The user interface shows almost all the important data, including covered distance, cardio, etc. Download

5] Weight Loss Running by Verv

Weight Loss Running

If you are gaining weight every day, you are not alone. Although this is not good to be overweight, some people do not care much. However, if you want to lose weight as fast as possible, you need to start working out. From jogging to lifting weight to changing your diet, everything is required as per the plan. This application can help you do all those things right on the small screen of your Apple Watch. You can make a plan or opt for a preset plan of eight weeks after installing this application. It can take care of your daily activity, nutrition, etc. Download

6] Workout++


If your existing workout application doesn’t allow you to change the start screen, you can install and try Workout++. This tool can let you choose and add various modules on the start screen so that you can see what you want. You can add past and current activity, preset goals, and many more. Workout++ is a paid application, and it costs only $0.99. It shows heart rate, blood pressure, and much other information. Download

7] MySwimPro: Swim Workouts


Swimming is a great exercise for any person – no matter if you are gaining or losing weight. Many types of workouts can be done during a swimming season. If you are into this part of workouts, you can install MySwimPro which is available for free for your Apple Watch. However, you must have Apple Watch Series 2 or later version. Otherwise, you cannot use it under the water. If you opt for the paid version for $7.99, you can access more features other than swim log, goal management, etc. It is possible to create personal training plans, get into IMX challenger, etc. Download

8] Map My Run by Under Armour

Map My Run

Map My Run is another Runtastic substitute that lets you plan your jogging and get feedback for improvement. You can track your runs, synchronize data with some other apps like Apple Health, Garmin, Fitbit, take control of your nutrition, and more others. You can choose various types of run and walk, such as jogging, treadmill run, walk, road cycling, etc. Different options appear based on your selection. For instance, you can find total duration, covered distance, pace, heart rate, etc. This application is available for free, but a little amount of money can get you more functionalities. Download

9] Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga

Doing yoga can help you in different ways. From getting a better shape by losing weight to increasing your concentration, yoga does everything with ease. If you want to be involved in yoga, but you need a guide, you should try out Pocket Yoga app. It can help you do various yoga at your home or anywhere you want. It comes with a reminder so that you do not forget to complete your season in your busy schedule. It shows blood pressure and burned calorie all the times so that you can check and monitor them concurrently. Download

10] WaterMinder


No matter what you do, if you are not drinking sufficient water every day, your health is not improving at all. Water is probably the second most important element for the human body, and if you are compromising with it, you are about to lose your health very soon. WaterMinder is such an app that reminds you to consume water at a certain period of time. You can track your water intake, see water intake history, achievements, etc. If you want, you can access this app using your voice command since it comes with Siri compatibility. Download

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