Best free antivirus for Windows 10/8.1/7

In Windows OS, we need an antivirus to protect us from the virus. An antivirus is a software or anti-Malware software, which helps to protect your computer against from most of the virus, Trojan, worms. Those things make your computer very sick. Its main work is to detect and remove the unwanted malicious software and computer threats which may be harmful to you and your computer. To help you in this case, here is some free antivirus for Windows 10/8.1/7 those may help you to protect your computer and internet browsing.

What is a virus?

A computer virus is such a malicious script, program or microcode that designed to spread from some infected host to another fresh host. A Virus has the ability to replicate itself, but without a host, It cannot make any duplicate sample of it.

Basically, in technical term computer virus is a type of either program or some malicious code written by hackers or software coders. Virus extends over a large from one computer to another over data files or boot sector that is the hard drive of the computer.

Those viruses stole and corrupted your personal information such as important files, database, email, by displaying message modify data explicitly or some combination of these actions. The virus comes on your computer through the Internet or some external device (USB, DVD, EXTERNAL HARD DISK).

The most important thing is that Computer Virus cannot reproduce itself without access to a host of a computer or smartphones. In this way, a computer virus has malicious potential unexpectedly damaged everything on your infected computer without any knowledge of your consciousness.

Much of this program is very injurious to your operating system by destroying or corrupting your personal data in some moment.

How does a virus work?

Answer: Virus is related to the malicious program or harmful software that does not get any security authorization from some reputed company. It normally required inaction to the infected host.

The virus can be transmitted through the Internet by downloading sound files, emails attachment, Pdf, malicious software. At first, it comes to the victim host and then makes its replica.

Therefore it corrupts vital database on the system files, and also the file contains on your hard disc of the computer. Some viruses are so powerful as it hacks all of your data from either computer or your cloud storage and sends it directly to the virus developers.

A computer virus has some preprogrammed route such as infection, replicate, hack or corrupt and send the file to the hackers. The virus is mainly affected like a trigger on the logic bomb as its attacks executable file of your system software.

Type of virus:

Answer: There are a lot of type of Computer virus developed by some unsocial coders. But there is three type of virus mainly cause the distraction.

  1. Email Virus: E-mail Virus is a small program that piggybacks on working programs on your computer. Most of the time Email Virus makes travel with an attachment with some important email message and usually replicates itself end making a dozen of people victim. A computer E-mail virus attached to another program and spread out on the boot sector SSD of your computer. It has potential to reproduce by attaching to the wreak havoc and other real programs.
  1. Worms: Mainly on the computer, the worm is a ransomware computer program which replicates itself and spread out all over your computer to destroy all your data related to The worm is main cause to destroy the network server for sometimes even if it consumed the bandwidth, whereas a virus always corrupts or modify the program and database file on an infected computer. Most of the worms are programmed only for spread as they don’t make any change on the bypass systems. However, ILOVEYOU is fast forever computer worm attacked 10 million of Windows operating system on or after 5 may 2000. Morris and Mydoom named worms are for just shows an error message, but Payload Free is one of the dangerous computer worms that causes a major disturbance by increasing network traffic. Sometimes it breaks down the security system of Government intranet server also.
  1. TrojanHorse: This is one of the simple coded programs that used to hack computers and copy itself to a new machine throughout a specific hole by breaking the security of network server. It is generally spread out from the interface face of social engineering. It makes your unauthorized computer access with your data and trigger of hard drive also. A strong Trojan can be attacked to access your personal information such as password, personal IP address, Internet banking information, data situated on your cloud storage and so on. But one of the most important things is a Trojan horse cannot allow making any replicate automatically without the influence of virus.

What is an anti-virus?

An antivirus is a software or set of programs that help to protect the computer against malicious software’s ransomware, Trojan Horse, Worms, E-mail Virus and so on. The antivirus also protects your computer from botnet internet attack. When you brought some file like songs, movies, photos, software from another computer with your pen drive and you attached it to your computer to copy, it scan first and if there is any harmful programs or files found, then it either repairs or simply deletes them and save your computer from virus.

How does an anti-virus work?

Some antivirus protects our computer from outward virus comes from the internet and some of them from the external harmful virus. Its main work is to detect and remove the unwanted malicious software and computer threats which may be harmful to you and your computer. Also, it helps to protect from malicious URLs, ransomware, keyloggers, backdoors, rootkits, hackers attack in online identity, online banking transactions, social engineering techniques, advanced persistent threats (APT), botnet DDoS attacks, browser hijacker, dialers, adware, spyware and so on. So, using an Antivirus to help keep your computer safe and healthy.

Best free antivirus for Windows 10/8.1/7

1. Avira free antivirus

Best free antivirus for Windows 10

Avira free antivirus protects from various kind of spyware, adware, and all type of Malware treated including worm’s virus, Trojans, etc. In the free version of the new addition of 2017, Avira developers come with a lot of fully functional antimalware tools which make Avira one of the best free antiviruses in the worldwide. Easy to install and easy to use.

It delivers you a lock system scanning with the push button through the click of a mouse. Being a resource for cloud protection service, it does not slow down your computer. Now the best part of it is Avira Phantom VPN which is unhackable, untraceable and uncensorable with lots of secure Wi-Fi connections as an anonymous and are restricted access to your favorite websites. It brings you encrypt web traffic, and Secure Internet connection gives you freedom from any blocking and hackers. Download

2. AVG free antivirus

Best free antivirus for Windows 10

AVG free antivirus is one of the best free antiviruses rather an anti-malware tool. It has improved its Malware-detecting rate than the other antivirus that’s why it has a lot of demand including commercial and non-commercial usage. It makes your computer totally free from virus, spyware, and malware. It brings anti-spyware tool including link scanner, emails scanner with schedule scanning option.

It enhances your firewall from the attacker’s sticky eyes. In in the free version you need not pay any price for the anti-spy tools. If you want to get extra features, you can upgrade to the paid version. In the free version, you also get an Incognito mode while you are making online transactions. That is the most beautiful features of this antivirus. Download

3. Panda Free Antivirus

Best free antivirus for Windows 10

Panda is the magnificent Malware-detecting tool for Windows. It claims as the lightest antivirus in the world. Because it works with the cloud-based protection with automatic USB vaccination. This software has quick scanning view which makes you too fast to check the removal disks virus database. You can pause the scanning process and also it can shut down your computer after ending this process.

In the basic free version, Panda protects your computer whenever you use local Wi-Fi as a VPN. The cloud-based security is the ultimate security service which doesn’t slow your computer device. If you are the founder of Internet banking transaction and online payment through Internet, then this is the best antivirus maximum protection against any malware. Download

4. Comodo antivirus

Best free antivirus for Windows 10

Comodo antivirus is currently one of the best antivirus available on the open Internet market. For Windows 10 this is the free version of virus protection software which is made for both commercial and personal usage. Now a day this antivirus is mostly traditional, and this happens because of its defense + technology that kicks out any hidden files related to the malware. It also offers you Internet Security suites which incorporate all of the safety features including antivirus which give you total protection and safe without hijacking your browser.

It gives you total secured Internet surfing including sensitive online banking transactions. It also has a quick and instant cloud-based scanning option which helps you remove malware and suspicious files instantly. It has automatic scanning files option in downloaded from the Internet and also real-time protection. Download

5. Avast free antivirus

Best free antivirus for Windows 10

Avast antivirus is one of the most admired anti-Malware software which gives you encrypt protection from the virus. Avast antivirus has their own cloud scanning security system through which you can connect your mobile device to your computer to a synchronizing system. The security DNS tool of this antivirus helps you to prevent DNS hijacking. It can protect you whenever you make online transactions.

It has its own VPN protection which makes you anonymous whenever you’re browsing the Internet. It is the world’s largest community users combined with cutting-edge cyber intelligence makes explicitly powerful this antivirus. It protects your device such as a sensor also receiving lots of code. It makes a vaccine immediately against the malicious codes which make your computer protected against the newest virus attack. According to “AV-Test” report, it blocks around 50 million attacked against the Malware in every single day. Download

6. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

Best free antivirus for Windows 10

Here it’s time to get Bitdefender Antivirus.It is one of the most popular antiviruses comes with intelligent automatic protection and block all e-threats. This antivirus protects you from harmful websites. It’s New anti-ransomware proactive protection keeps your files safe. Its Wi-Fi security system tool makes you are always secure, no matter what you connect local Wi-Fi network with your computer. The online banking protection from any dedicated browser guarantees your transaction to prevent frauds and spam.

This antivirus brings you a secure called with password managers which store your credit card information, sensitive data or personal data with the best protection. Also, it has the tools like antifraud, antiphishing, antispam etc. Also, it has Firewall protection which filters incoming and outgoing traffic in pinpoint and so on. Download

Final Word

After buying a computer, it comes with pre-installed antivirus if the computer comes with pre-installed Windows. But it usually works only for one month or so. After that, you have to pay to keep using the antivirus for your security but that also for one year or sometimes more than that. Even if you don’t pay for it, simply your antivirus is outdated, and you are going to use the machine without protection. If you think that Windows Defender helps to protect your computer from the others malware, you are wrong – not 100% but near to 70%. It does protect your computer from unwanted attacks but it doesn’t help completely.

In my opinion, I always use Avira antivirus because of its tools which give me full protection from any other unwanted malware. In the time of internet banking, it also makes me ignition mode of fully secure and on another hand it protects me from harms full websites.

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