Best Free Puzzle Games for Android

If you are going to bore to play with Asphalt 8 or Subway Surfers or Tomb Raider for a long time, then it is the time to play with some brain training puzzle games. Puzzle games are one of the most popular games to challenge yourself. In fact, doctors recommended the insomniac patient and old aged people to play puzzle games by which the nervous system nevertheless down. Most of the people make they’re mobile full of individual puzzled gaming franchise. The advantage to playing this puzzle game is to make your brain developing with exciting ways of teasing. It will increase our think power and IQ level also.

Best Free Puzzle Games for Android

You will find on Internet a lot of puzzle games indeed. But in this gaming article, we provide you three best puzzle games among them.


This game Sudoku is introduced by Brainium developers. It is the first ever Sudoku game on Google Play. Its popularity reached 187k. It is the best puzzle game that helps you to increase your brain skill and sharpness. This Classic puzzle game is easy to play. It gives you three type of level, easy, medium, hard. The “Hint button” always helps you with some new techniques whenever you struck to progress. The instruction is so easy to understand.The animation is also beautiful and attractive. But the beauty of the game is all the hints just help you to understand, but that does not give you the answer. When you are playing the game, a timer backlog is started. After the ending, you get some points, and you can compare your skill level with your other family and friends. It has Undo /Redo option. It is completely free and available on Google Play. Download.

Mind Games

Mind Games is one of the best game which belongs to the puzzle game family. Make a challenge to your brain while having fun. This game is a collection of different mental skills which develops a different part of your brain IQ level. This game is developed by Mindware Consulting Inc. This game is containing three dozen of maintaining the game. This game includes a list of your scores level and converts them into a competition graph scale. This game is used by over 12 million people all over the world wide. This chart will help you to understand the upward or downward mental skills level. I used to play some specific brain challenge on this game. There are math Star, memory match, memory flow, mental flex, vocabulary power, word memory. This is an editor’s choice games, and it is entirely free, but it contains ad. To Grab the game, click on Download.


It is also one of the best games available on the Play Store. This is the simplest game I have ever seen. This game is popular much between the children. This game also has three types. You just have to go from yellow dot box and go to another yellow box by using the shortest distance and time. To change the path just swap the screen with your finger. You can also record the video of your highest cool to see your friends. Take the challenge to defense huge mazes with the minotaur and blind mode. You can also make huge Maze ID to play with your buddies. It is available on Google Play without any cost. Download.

One thing I want to tell that any puzzle game is not only for fun it is a challenge for your brain to increase your nervous system and your IQ level. I used to play Sudoku whenever I get some time to make a challenge of my brain.

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