Best Free YouTube Alternative Sites for Watching Videos 

It doesn’t matter what you want to watch; you can open YouTube website, search for the view using some keywords, and start watching the video within moments. But, do you know that there are tons of other websites where you can watch useful videos on your computer or mobile screen? In this article, you can find some of the best YouTube alternative sites for watching videos. You can watch various video including entertainments, how to guides, news, and so on. Almost all the mentioned websites come with 1080p video resolution, and you can watch them as per your wish.

Best Free YouTube Alternative Sites

There is a lot of websites those can be considered as a YouTube alternative. However, not all of them offer 1080p video and a wide range of categories. To get them all on one website, you can find this following list quite useful.

1] Dailymotion

Best Free YouTube Alternative Sites

Dailymotion is one of the best video streaming websites out there, which is being used by millions of people from across the globe. It doesn’t matter whether you want to watch technology related videos or latest news, or entertainment related videos, everything is available on Dailymotion.

However, if you are an uploader, you need to face various problems. For example, you cannot upload more than 4GB of video and 60 minutes in length. Nonetheless, the best thing is most of the videos come at 1080p. Therefore, you can get a quite good user experience even when 4K is trending nowadays.

The good news is many well-known YouTube uploaders use Dailymotion as a secondary source of view. Therefore, there is a high chance of getting quite top-notch content on this website.

2] Vimeo

Best Free YouTube Alternative Sites

If you have often browse websites site Mashable, TechCrunch, you might find Vimeo video uploads. Being said that, web designers and technology freaks use this website the most. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot find any other videos. Talking about categories, you can find Animation, Arts, Design, Comedy, Documentary, Experimental, Food, Educational, Personal, Sports, and so on.

The highlight of Vimeo is you can find 4K content on this website. On the other hand, if you are a content creator, you can find some barriers such as you cannot upload more than 500MB videos per week. However, if you are a PAID user, you can upgrade the limit to up to 5GB.

The user interface of Vimeo is quite good, and you cannot find any clutter at all. The UI is quite neat and clean, and you can browse the website via categories.

3] DTube

Best Free YouTube Alternative Sites

If you do not want to use YouTube, but you love the layout of YouTube, you can opt for DTube, which is a free website where you can watch high-quality content without any problem. There is a high chance of earning Steam cryptocurrency if you upload a video on DTube and stream that for seven days. On the other hand, people, who want to make a comment, can also earn cryptocurrency or real money.

Talking about the user interface, this comes with a quite same UI as YouTube, as mentioned earlier. Therefore, you can watch trending videos, new uploads, and many more. Like other standard video streaming sites, you can browse this website using different categories like Music, Gaming, Travel, Politics, Comedy, and so on.

This website is free to use, and anybody can utilize this website by just opening it. You can subscribe to any channel, upvote or downvote any video or comment on any video you want. However, to comment on this website, you need to have an account.

4] Internet Archive

Best Free YouTube Alternative Sites

Internet Archive is popular because of showing a flashback of almost any website on the internet. However, you can browse various videos with the help of a little trick. As the name says, you can find a lot of videos on their website for free, and you can watch them without any problem.

The drawback of this website is you may not find high definition videos, and hence people want to avoid it.

However, if you want to watch a good quality video, you can opt for this website. This is possible to browse this website via categories like New, People, Entertainment, or Collection wise like Community video, Geo-restricted video, RocketD favourites, BasilBob Favorites, or Creator wise.

This is also possible to find a video based on language. You can find the Creative Commons license, uploader, and description but this is not possible to comment on any video. You can write a review, but a threaded comment like YouTube is not available on their website. For writing a review, you must have to log in.

5] 9GAG

Best Free YouTube Alternative Sites

9GAG is another good option for any internet user and them, who want to open an alternative site to YouTube. Although you may not find educational videos or documentary type videos, you can waste your time on this website by watching a lot of Entertainment videos and Funny videos.

The plus point of 9GAG is most of their videos are scrapped from YouTube. Therefore, you may not miss your favorite video streaming site, YouTube. Being said that, if a video is available in 4K on YouTube, you can watch that 4K content on 9GAG as well. Talking about the user interface, it comes with a great UI which looks quite similar to YouTube.

If there is no such similarity between YouTube and 9GAG, why do you use this website? Because you can find only high-quality content on this website to kill some of your time. Commenting is available on this website, and hence, you can share your view within moments.

6] Vevo

Best Free YouTube Alternative Sites

Vevo is an America music video streaming site, which launched almost eight years ago. Since then, they have been targeting high-end advertisers. Hence, you can find some high-quality or top-notch music videos on this website. Hundreds of popular music videos can be found on one website called Vevo. You might have seen their content on YouTube those are pretty popular.

The setback of this website is you may not access it from being anywhere in the world since this is a geo-restricted website because of different copyright laws in various countries. However, if you have opened a US proxy or VPN server, you can get a good-looking website with various categories such as POPULAR ARTISTS, NEW UPLOADS, and so on. They will help you browse this website without any problem.

There are more other websites like YouTube. However, not all of them are as good as these mentioned websites. At first, use them and then let us know which one you like the most.

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