Best Online Security and Privacy Apps to be More Secure

Although a security shield is must for every Windows PC, we may not be able to download a security software right after installing the Windows freshly. At such moments, you need a backup. Like that, you might need security while sending an email, or file, or something like that. Therefore, you can check out these following tools so that you can be more secure all the times.

Best Online Security and Privacy Apps

There is a huge number of online security apps. However, you need to understand why you need a tool. After that, you can head over to this list and check if you can find something useful or not.


Best Online Security and Privacy Apps to be More Secure

VirusTotal is probably the first tool you should use whenever you are trying to access file someone has sent or open a link that you do not trust. There are many times when people get scammed by visiting a particular link or opening a file he/she has got via email or Facebook Messenger. If you have got something like that, you can use VirusTotal to scan the file. It will scan the file or URL with more than fifty online security apps to find possible malicious thing in your file or webpage. You can also find a brief result where you can find whether your file or URL is clean or not. Not only just malware but also it can find adware, trojan, and ransomware. This is probably the best thing you can find on the internet if security is your priority. As this is a web app, you do not have to worry about the compatibility and being said that, you can open this website from any device including Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, etc. and get your files scanned almost immediately.

Disposable Email Address Generator

Let’s assume that you are about to create an account on a website, but you do not want to use your personal email address. Or, suppose you want to sign up for something with a secondary email address. Obviously, you can create a secondary email address. However, if you do not want to do and instead you want to create a disposable or temporary email address, here are some tools you can check out. These following tools will let you have an email address for a particular amount of time.

1] TempMail

Best Online Security and Privacy Apps to be More Secure

TempMail is a fine tune tool that helps you create disposable email address within moments. This website uses various domains to provide an email address that you can use temporarily. TempMail is very easy to use, and you do not have to do anything else except opening this website to get an email ID. Once you refresh the page, it will get you another temporary email address. The mailbox looks pretty neat and clean. You can find all your emails right on the same page. The best thing is you can choose a domain and a custom username. If the username is available on that website, you can create the email address instantly.

2] Tempail

Tempail does the same job as TempMail. The only difference is you cannot choose custom username. Otherwise, it will offer you new username in every ten seconds. All the email address they provide are fully working and you do not have to worry about the inbox as well since that is available right on the same screen as the email address. If you use their service, you should know that you cannot use the same email ID for more than one hour. After one hour, the email address will be disposed automatically and you will lose all your emails right away.

Email Address Converter

Let’s assume that you need to share your email address on a forum or somewhere publicly. This is not recommended to use your email ID nakedly. Instead, you can convert your email address to a link and share the link anywhere. Thus different bots won’t be able to detect your email ID and scrap them from forums. The scrim is a very useful website, which helps you convert your email ID within seconds. It will use a unique ID to showcase your email ID. To get started with this tool, open the website and enter the email address that you want to convert. Following that, hit the Protect my email button. It will give you a link that you can share with anyone. Once a person opens the link, he/she will get a captcha. After filling that up, he/she will get your email address.

Password Generator

No matter whether you are creating a Facebook account or internet banking account, this is highly recommended to use a very strong password everywhere. If you cannot think of a strong password, you can use these following tools. They will let you create a password containing all the possible things to make it strong.

1] Secure Password Generator

Best Online Security and Privacy Apps to be More Secure

This is a great website where you can generate password based on your requirements. You can create 6 letter password to 2048 letter password with the help of this tool. This is possible to include symbols, numbers, lowercase/uppercase characters, ambiguous characters, and so on. You can also choose how many passwords you want to create at once. The overall looks of this tool is elegant and you should not find any problem finding an option. Visit Website

2] LastPass Password Generator

LastPass is popular for the password manager. However, they also have a password generator that you can use to create non-guessable passwords within moments. Like the above tool, you will be able to include uppercase/lowercase characters, numbers, symbols and so on. Although you cannot create 2048 letter password but you can create up to 50 letter password with the help of this simple and free password generator.

Password Protected Notepad

If you have some confidential notes and you want to share with someone, ProtectedText app can be helpful. It lets you create password protected notes. Not only that, but also you can create custom URL for your note. You can write down anything and encrypt that with a password. The editor is pretty simple and you should not have any problem using it to share secret data.

URL Expander

Many times, you can find short URL like bitly/abcd or something like that. If it is from a trusted source, you can open that without any problem. However, if you do not open it right away and you want to check the destination first, you can use this URL expander. URLex is a simple tool that helps you expand the short URL within seconds. Just head over to the website and enter the short URL. Therefore, you can find the actual destination right on your screen.

That’s all! These are some of the best online security apps that you can use. Hope they would help you a lot.

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