Best Pixel Launcher Tips and Tricks You Can Use to Get Most Out of It

Google is slowly developing a better user interface or launcher for Android mobiles, and that is called Google Pixel Launcher, which is more sufficient and much better than the traditional Google Now launcher for Android. If you have the latest Android version, you might have already got Google Pixel launcher in your mobile. However, if you don’t have a latest Android mobile, you can certainly opt for the Google Pixel launcher using this link. However, if you have already downloaded the Pixel launcher on your mobile but you are not getting it completely, here are some Google Pixel launcher tips and tricks those might let you get a better interface and functions right away.

1] Set Pixel Launcher as default launcher

Google Pixel Launcher as default

Every Android mobile comes with an inbuilt launcher. It can be the default Android home screen launcher, Google Now or manufacturer based launcher to make the user interface look better. Following the installation of Pixel launcher, whenever you press the home button, you might have to select the launcher that you want to start with. If you think that you want to keep using the Pixel Launcher as default launcher of your Android mobile, you can set that as default. You can do so from the App Settings > Pixel Launcher > Set as Default window. After that, you do not have to select the Pixel launcher every time you tap on the home button.

2] Set correct weather information

Google Pixel Launcher weather inforamtion

After setting it up as default launcher, you might find the weather information on your home screen. Not only that but also you can locate the day, date, minimum forecast, etc. However, it does require the internet to show the correct weather information/temperature. If you have previously connected to the web, but now you are not connected, you might find two different temperatures in Google Now and on the home screen. To fix this problem, you don’t have to reinstall the Pixel launcher. Just tap on the weather information on your home screen. It will open up the Google Now launcher. Following that, you will keep getting the correct weather info.

3] Open Pixel launcher settings

Google Pixel Launcher open settings

Google Pixel l is still under development process, and you might not get as many features as you think. However, it does allow users to make minor changes. However, you cannot find any Pixel launcher icon in the app drawer to open the settings. However, if you want to make those given changes, just do the following steps. Go to home screen, tap and hold the space until you get a pop-up screen. Following that, you will get three options i.e. Wallpapers, Widgets, and Settings. Just tap on the Settings button to make any change in the Pixel launcher interface.

4] Disable App Suggestions in app drawer

Google Pixel Launcher disable app suggestions

The app drawer is a very useful feature of Google Pixel launcher, who doesn’t have an app drawer built-in. Many mobile manufacturers like LeEco have blocked app drawer in their mobiles. Having said that, if you want to get a stock Android like feel while opening or finding apps, you can indeed install the Google Pixel Launcher on your Android mobile. While opening the app drawer, you will get 4-5 apps below the search box. That is a list of most opened apps of your mobile. If you think that is unnecessary and you want to disable that, here are the steps you need to follow. At first, open the Google Pixel launcher settings using the aforementioned method. Here you will get an option called App suggestions. Just toggle the button to get it done.

Considering all the features of Google Pixel launcher, it seems to be a good and minimalist launcher for Android. What do you think about this launcher?

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  1. T.R. says:

    It’s the first launcher that comes built in that I actually stuck with. I’m a long time Nova prime launcher user, too.

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