Best Shortcuts To Automate Tasks on Your iPhones

If you are using an iPhone, you might already know that Shortcuts is a pretty impressive app that helps you do several things in automation. However, if you are new to this Shortcuts app and you want to explore more so that you can do different things automatically on your iPhone, do check out these shortcuts. Obviously, you need to download the Shortcuts app on your iPhone, which is available for iOS 12.0 or later version.

Before getting started, you should know about this “Shortcuts”. Shortcuts is probably the best alternative to Microsoft Flow or IFTTT. If you are looking to do something in automation, here are some shortcuts for you. Before, here is how to install a shortcut in the Shortcuts app.

After installing the Shortcuts app, go to Gallery section. You can find several pre-made shortcuts. Choose one that you want to install and tap on it. Here you should find an option called Get Shortcut. Click on it and set it up according to your requirements.

Best Shortcuts To Automate Tasks on Your iPhones

That’s all! If you have got the process, you can check out the following list.

Best Shortcuts To Automate Tasks on Your iPhones

  1. Share Location

Let’s assume that you want to share your location with someone, when a particular requirement has met. Therefore, you can utilize this shortcut. This shortcut uses Location, Maps, Messages, and Contacts apps. You can set when you want to share your location and who will be the recipient and so on. Download

  1. Send Automatic Email

Let’s assume that you want to wish someone on his/her birthday via email. However, you may not be available at a particular time when you want to wish him/her. At such moments, you can use this shortcut that will let you send customized email with name. The best thing about this shortcut is you can send the same email to multiple people at once. Download

  1. Clipboard to Dropbox

In the latest version of Windows 10, you can find a feature called Cloud Clipboard that allows you synchronize your clipboard across multiple computers. However, in iOS, you might find a similar feature. On the other hand, if you want to share your clipboard with Dropbox or upload the clipboard to Dropbox, this is what you need to install. There is a shortcut called Clipboard to Dropbox that allows you to send your clipboard text to Dropbox account. It just uses to Dropbox app in your iPhone. Download

  1. Post Live Photo to Instagram

Apple introduced Live Photos features few years back for iOS users. If you are using that feature and you often capture live photos using your iPhone, and you want to upload live photos on Instagram, here is a shortcut you might want to use. This is called Post Live Photo to Instagram. You need to set up your Instagram account and allow it to access the Photos app. Following that, it will search for the latest live photo and upload it to Instagram. The only problem with this shortcut is if you capture multiple live photos, it will upload only the latest one. Download

  1. Heading to Work

Suppose, you drive from home to your workplace. In meantime you want to use the map, get ETA (based on traffic condition), listen to your latest calendar events and some music from Apple Music app. All those things can be done with the help of only one shortcut. This is called Heading to Work and it is quite popular in the Shortcuts app gallery. It uses Maps, Location Services, Calendar and Apple Music apps. The best thing is you can ask Siri to execute this shortcut and you will get the result instantly. Download

  1. DND Until I Leave

Let’s assume that you are going to enter a place where you need to mute your phone. At such moments, you can use this shortcut that will let you enable the DND for as long as you want. The only requirement to disable it automatically is you need to leave the current place. During setup, you have to enter a location where you want to enable this feature. Following that, it will be activated automatically whenever you will enter that location. Download

These are some of the best shortcuts those I use almost everyday. However, here are something more to enhance your productivity.

1]  Play Particular Playlist: Let’s assume that you have some playlists in the Apple Music app and you want to play them at a particular time. You can ask Siri to do that with the help of this shortcut. Download

2] Disable Wi-Fi from Settings: iPhone has several small problems and this is one of them. When you turn off the Wi-Fi from Control Center, it doesn’t turn off completely. It gets turned on automatically at a particular time. To disable it completely, you need to open the Settings app and turn it off. However, if you do not want to do so, you can use this shortcut. It will let you disable the Wi-Fi from settings when you turn it off from Control Center. Download

That’s all! Hope these shortcuts would be helpful for you.

How to delete a shortcut?

If you enabled a shortcut but now you do not need that anymore, you can follow these steps and disable any installed shortcut instantly. You need to open the Shortcuts app and make sure you are in the Library tab. Now, tap and hold down the shortcut that you want to delete.

You should get a trash can icon that will let you delete the shortcut.

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