Best Social Media Clients for Windows and Mac

Social media is an important part of everyone’s life in these present days. Almost 5 out of 10 people use various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and so on. If you are one of them and you want to use a social media client on your Windows or Mac computer, here are some of the best suggestions you can check out. These tools will help you access various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more. Sometimes you can access multiple sites from one app and sometimes, you can access only one site. Also, some of them are free, and some of them are paid. Therefore, check out the following list to find out the best solution for you.

Best Social Media Clients for Windows

1] Facebook

Facebook Best Social Media Clients for Windows

Everyone loves and uses Facebook. There are more than a billion Facebook users from across the globe. People use Facebook because this is free, easy to use and addictive. Facebook is accessible from any platform including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and so on. You can open any browser and head over to However, if you do not like to use the website, you can try out this Facebook app for Windows that is available for Windows 10 v10240.0 or higher version. Needless to mention that you can download it for 32-bit as well as the 64-bit machine. You can do everything with the Facebook app. From sharing posts, accessing groups, managing pages to playing videos, you can do everything with the help of the Facebook app.

2] Twitter

Twitter Best Social Media Clients for Windows

There are many people, who often prefer Twitter over Facebook and that is because Twitter is less addictive and a great micro-blogging platform that is being used by millions of people from across the globe. The user interface of Twitter is much better than Facebook since it comes with only essential options. However, if you do not like to use the Twitter website to access your account, you can install the Twitter app that is available for Windows 10 v14393.0 or later version. Everything is possible to do with the help of the Twitter app for Windows 10. Being said that, you can tweet from your account, check direct messages, explore your timeline, follow or unfollow someone and more others. For your information, you can download the Twitter app on HoloLens, PC, Mobile as well as Hub.

3] LinkedIn

LinkedIn Best Social Media Clients for Windows

When you need to showcase your portfolio to find a great job anywhere in the world, you can opt for LinkedIn, which is a free website that allows you to find a job based on your preference. Although LinkedIn has a PREMIUM account option, you can do most of the basic things with the help of FREE account. On the other hand, LinkedIn is also a social networking site, and hence, you can connect with people and endorse their skills if you want. The LinkedIn app is pretty good since it lets you do almost everything that the official website allows. Being said that, you can connect with others, post something on your timeline, comment on some post, endorse skills, manage your own profile, check direct messages and much more.

4] Raven for Twitter

Raven Best Social Media Clients for Windows

As mentioned in the title, Raven is a Twitter client available for Windows 10 v14393 or higher. It doesn’t matter whether you like the official Twitter app or not; you can certainly download and use this Twitter client on your Windows computer. Talking about features, you can find these in this app:

  • Automated learning user, search, hashtag, and list that you’re browsed
  • Automatically update the timeline when you are using another app
  • Unfollow non-followers function
  • Voice operating, corresponding to Cortana, in-app-browser which supports loading in the background
  • Split UI for posting more easily
  • Share URL with another app
  • Collective notification
  • Support multi-column only when a large screen
  • Download image function

The best thing is if you have multiple Windows 10 devices and you have installed Raven on all of them, you can synchronize the settings across all the devices.

Best Social Media Clients for Mac

1] TweetDeck

TweetDeck Best Social Media Clients for Mac

As mentioned earlier, Twitter is one of the best microblogging platforms out there, which is being used by millions of people from across the globe. It doesn’t matter what you want to do; you can certainly do it on Twitter. For that, you need an app. TweetDeck is one of the best Twitter clients out there that comes with several useful features. For instance, you can find split UI that helps you manage different things without leaving the current window, and that is the advantage of using this tool. To be more specific, you can check direct messages, timeline, profile page and all on the page window. The trending topics window is also visible so that you can find out what people from another end of the world is sharing on Twitter. As this is developed by Twitter, you can expect a great user experience.

2] Pin Pro for Pinterest

Pin Pro Best Social Media Clients for Mac

Pin Pro is a Pinterest client for Mac, and you can download it from the corresponding App Store. Although Pin Pro is not available for free, you can download it at a very low price. Also, the features are quite good. Talking about features, it provides almost everything that the official website offers. For example, you can upload an image, comment on other’s image, share them if you want, manage your boards and more others. The best thing about this tool is you can do everything right from the menu bar. That means you do not have to open any app or something like that to access Pinterest account from your Mac computer.

3] Tweetbot

TweetBot Best Social Media Clients for Mac

If you do not like the TweetDeck app for your Mac computer, you can certainly install Tweetbot, which is another awesome Twitter client that you can use to manage your account/s. Multiple timelines, multiple Windows and columns, notification center support, retina graphics, and mute filters have made this app even better. Regarding the user interface, you can find retina ready graphics, as mentioned earlier.

These are some of the best social media clients for Windows and Mac. You might not find a good Facebook client for Mac since there is not a good one, according to me. Although there is a couple of Facebook clients for Mac, they are not as good as you should use.

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