How to Prevent iPhone Overheating Issue

What is the reason behind my overheated iPhone? How to prevent iPhone overheating issue? How to stop iPhone from overheating in a short span of time? If you are having any of these issues, here is how to solve that problem within moments.

iPhone is an awesome mobile and this is because of having such a great parent company behind this gadget. There are several companies got noticed by people but Apple is still the number 1 mobile company, when it comes to quality with stability. Although, the price of Apple device is still higher than usual mobiles but you can find a different comfort and advantage while using iPhone or any other iOS device.

However, some iPhone and other iOS device users have complained that their iPhone is getting heated after using it for a couple of minutes. Although, this is not usual but some people are saying correct as they are genuinely facing problem due to iPhone overheating. This is certainly a big issue as mobile should not be heated frequently.

Therefore, to prevent iPhone overheating, here are some possible solutions. Although, this cannot be prevented by 100% but you can reduce iPhone overheating by at least 70%. Anyway, let’s check these out.

Best Tips to Prevent iPhone Overheating

1. Switch off your phone – daily

This is always a good practice to switch off your mobile everyday and give it some rest. If you run it all the time, the hardware may produce problems and eventually, you will get overheating issue. Therefore, you can switch off your mobile at night or sometime for at least 1 hour. This will certainly solve your problem.

2. Switch off your mobile while charging

Alike the first solution, this is also a good solution for you and this particular thing has two different advantages. First, you can get rid of iPhone overheating. Second, you can get better battery backup from your iPhone. Generally, iPhone has a comparatively lower battery and you shouldn’t switch on your mobile while it is charging.

3. Do not use mobile while charging

This is one of the main reasons, why iPhone gets heated frequently and within few minutes. This is never recommended to use your mobile while charging. In fact, this is suggested to switch off your mobile while charging. But, you cannot switch off due to any reason (important calls, SMS etc.), you should at least leave your mobile alone. If you use your mobile while charging, your iPhone will certainly get overheated.

4. Keep it under room temperature

This is yet another thing what you should keep in mind. iPhone is built with complete metal. Therefore, if you use your iPhone over room temperature, it will certainly get heated. So, this is always a good practice to keep your iOS device under room temperature. If you use it in sunlight, you may also get problems on your display as well.

There are more other things what you should keep in mind while using your iPhone. Sometime, some apps may create problems. If you think your iPhone is getting overheated after installing a particular app, you should uninstall that immediately. Just like that, there are more other possible solutions.

Hope these tiny tricks would be helpful for you.

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