Best VoIP Software And Clients For Windows 10

VoIP or Voice over IP helps you talk to someone who is living across the other part of the region or globe. If you are using a Windows computer, you should check out this article as here are some of the best VoIP software or clients for Windows 10. Most of them are available for free, but you may need to spend some money to gain full access and unlock all features included in this tool.

Best VoIP Software And Clients For Windows 10

1] Skype


Skype is the best VoIP software or tool for Windows that you can use on almost any Windows computer, including Windows 10. The best thing about Skype is that you do not need to install it on Windows 10 as it comes as a pre-installed app. However, if you want to avail more features, you should try out the desktop version. Talking about the features, it comes with every essential feature that you might need in a VoIP client. You can send a message, call someone, etc. with the help of this tool. It has good support as Microsoft develops this platform for the users. If you always want a good user interface, you won’t be disappointed because Skype has a smooth, neat, and clean UI. In case you want to use it in the browser, you can check out Skype for Web. Download

2] WhatsApp

If you are using a smartphone, there is a very high chance that you already have WhatsApp on your mobile. If so, do you know that WhatsApp is also a VoIP client? That’s because WhatsApp uses an internet connection to call someone – no matter where he or she is in the world. WhatsApp is one of the best instant messaging services, and it introduced the VoIP feature long time back. You can take advantage of using that facility to call somebody in case you do not want to use the cellular connection. With the latest features such as password protection, end-to-end encryption, stickers, etc., WhatsApp has become a market leader in this specific industry. The second handy thing is that you can download WhatsApp on almost any internet-enabled mobile. Check the website

3] Zopier

Best VoIP Software And Clients For Windows 10

Zopier is another very useful Voice over Internet Protocol service that you can download on your Windows 10 computer. Like a standard tool or client, you can do almost all the simple tasks with ease. For example, you can make a voice call, a video call, send messages, etc. You can download and use Zoiper for free for your Windows computer. However, if you want to explore more functionalities and credits, you need to opt for the premium version. The best thing about this tool is that you can download it for multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. The price of the paid version is € 39.95 only. The user interface of Zopier is pretty good, and you won’t get any problem using it for a long time because of the dark mode. Download

4] Ekiga

Best VoIP Software And Clients For Windows 10

Ekiga, formerly Gnome Meeting, is yet another free VoIP tool for Windows. The highlight of this client is that you can find the source code as this is a freeware, and it is an open-source tool. It offers some useful features so that you can get some benefits while using it. For instance, it includes video calling, video conferencing, call holding, call forwarding, instant message, and more. The user interface might look old, but it offers all the essential features to cover up that drawback. The video call quality is pretty good, and you might not find any lag or glitch while using it on your Windows 10 computer. Also, the sound quality of Ekiga is pretty good as it supports high bit rate, depth, etc. Download

5] Google Voice

Best VoIP Software And Clients For Windows 10

Google Voice is another awesome VoIP service that you can use on your computer. Although there is a mobile application available for Android and iOS, you cannot download any client on your Windows computer, unfortunately. However, you can visit the website, and start experiencing an awesome voice quality if you have a good internet speed. Google Voice is not available for free, but the cost is quite affordable. The best thing is that you can call for free if you live in the USA. However, there is a price tag for all the other users. You should check out this website to know more about the rates.

6] Discord

Best VoIP Software And Clients For Windows 10

If you love to play games and you often speak to other people during the gameplay, you should check out this tool called Discord. It is a comparatively new VoIP service, but it gained a huge success during this small period. The user interface of Discord is elegant, and that is why you won’t have any problem using it for a long time. To start using this service, you need to create a server to connect all people after downloading and installing it. As Discord is available for free, there is nothing to lose if you try it once to check the voice quality. Download

7] Slack

Everything You Need to Know About Slack – Best Private Messaging Service

Slack debuted as an instant messaging service for small companies. However, it has evolved over the past couple of years. Now you can make VoIP calls within Slack. In other words, if someone has joined your group on Slack, you can call that person for free (internet charges apply). The best part is that you can make a conference call so that you can talk to multiple people while organizing a meeting of business deals. You can download the Slack app on your Windows computer. On the other hand, this service is available on almost any platform as you can access the Web version. Download

Countless other tools in the market let you make VoIP calls from Windows 10 computers. No matter which one you choose, you should always read some reviews so that you know if there was some security flaw or loophole that existed in the service.

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