How To Block Ads In Standard And Chromium Microsoft Edge

Although Microsoft Edge is a good web browser, it doesn’t come with in-built ad blocking facility like Opera. If you want to block ads in standard and Chromium Microsoft Edge, here is what you can do.

Although advertisement is a source of income for countless people, some people use ads to inject malware, adware in the browser. If you do not want to get such hustle, you should block advertisements. In Google Chrome or Firefox, this is very easy to block ads with the help of extensions. However, this is quite difficult to install an extension in the standard Microsoft Edge browser. This article will show you how you can block ads in Edge using the AdBlock extension.

Block Ads In Microsoft Edge On Windows 10

There are two different methods to block ads in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. First, you can install an extension. Second, you can use general ad blocking software. Both methods are mentioned below.

Method #1: Install adblock extension

At first, open the browser on your computer and click the three-dotted button visible on the top-right corner. Here you can find an option called Extensions. You need to select this option. Following that, you have to click the option that reads ‘Explore more extensions.’

Block Ads In Microsoft Edge On Windows 10

It will open the extension repository in Microsoft Store. You need to select an adblock extension from here. Click the ‘Get’ button after opening the extension page.

It will install the extension in your browser. Following that, you can set it up according to your requirements and use it further.

Method #2: Install AdGuard

AdGuard is a security and privacy focused software available for Windows. You can use this software to block advertisements in all the browsers including Microsoft Edge. AdGuard is available for free but you should opt for the paid edition to get countless functionalities.

You can head over to this page and download AdGuard for Windows. This software requires a proper installation and setup. Otherwise, it won’t work according to your requirements.

Method #3: Install Edge AdBlock

Edge AdBlock is developed for Microsoft Edge only. As the name suggests, you can block advertisements by installing this software on your computer. This is completely free and open-source.

Therefore, download and install AdGuard AdBlocker on your computer.

AdGuard is installing

Just make sure that your protection and ad blocker are enabled. If they are not enabled, do turn them on.

That’s it! You are done. Now, you cannot find any ad in Microsoft Edge.

Block Ads In Chromium Microsoft Edge

Recently, Microsoft launched a new browser called Chromium-based Microsoft Edge. You can install any extension from Chrome Web Store as this is Chromium-based browser. Therefore, you can visit the Chrome Web Store, search for your favorite adblocking extension, and install it accordingly.

However, if you install AdGuard, there is no need to install another extension for this browser.

Microsoft Edge is one of the fastest browsers for Windows 10. It comes with fewer features but all the included options are helpful for any kind of internet user. You can call it a smart browser with some good number of features but, still it doesn’t contain as many feature as other browser like Chrome, Firefox, Opera Mini etc. offers.

The main problem was users could not able to install extension in Microsoft Edge. Although, extension free browser runs faster, but some time we need to install some extension like screen capture, ad blocker etc. to do different and better things in a different way. Although, previously it was not possible to install extension in Microsoft Edge, now you can install that in this browser.

Nowadays, you can find advertisements on almost every webpage. From Facebook to any other regular website, ads are there and doing their job and feeding the admin. Nevertheless, some people use ads to spread malware and other tools to spy on users which not legal. Therefore, if you are a Microsoft Edge browser and want to block ads in Microsoft Edge, here is a solution.

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