How to Block Ads in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is one of the fastest browsers for Windows 10. Although, this is far away from a standard web browser but still it has some smart and essential features. It comes with fewer features but all the included features are helpful for any kind of internet user. When Microsoft launched Microsoft Edge or Project Spartan with an Insider Preview build of Windows 10, there was no such feature that can attract any user towards this browser. However, Microsoft has included so many features in the final edition of Edge. Now, you can call it a smart browser with some good number of features. But, still it doesn’t contain as many feature as other browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera Mini etc. has.

The main problem was users could not able to install extension in Microsoft Edge. Although, extension free browser runs faster but some time we need to install some extension like screen capture, ad blocker etc. to do different and better things in a different way so that we can get most out of any browser. Although, previously, it was not possible to install extension in Microsoft Edge, but now you can install that in this browser. Although, the stable version users cannot install extension but if you are using any latest preview build, you can do so.

Apart from that, the most irritating thing is you cannot block ads in Microsoft Edge. In Chrome and Firefox, we install ad blocker to block ads. But, as you cannot install extension in Edge and Edge doesn’t has any ad blocker, this is not possible to prevent advertisements from appearing on any webpage.

Nowadays, you can find advertisements on almost every webpage. From Facebook to any other regular website, ads are there and working their job and feeding the admin. For blogger, advertisements are the main source of income. Therefore, if any user block ads, the admin gets hurt and it reflects in the monthly income slip. Nevertheless, some people use ads to spread malware and other tools to spy on users which not legal. Therefore, if you are a Microsoft Edge browser and want to block ads in Microsoft Edge, here is a solution.

How to Block Ads in Microsoft Edge

Although, Microsoft Edge doesn’t have any ad blocker, yet, you can block ads in Edge using third party software. Introducing Adguard AdBlocker, which is a free software for Windows and it helps users to block ads in every installed web browser. No matter, what browser you have, but you can certainly block ads in that browser with the help of this free tool.

Therefore, download and install AdGuard AdBlocker on your computer.

AdGuard is installing

After opening, you can find a window like this,

How to Block Ads in Microsoft Edge

Just make sure that your protection and ad blocker are enabled. If they are not enabled, do turn them on.

That’s it! You are done. Now, you cannot find any ad in Microsoft Edge.

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  1. herrFlug says:

    No. We need an in-browser extension. Not a separate executable thank you.
    Some of us are on enterprise managed machines. Edge’s customability is on par with IE and this browser is just IE-12.

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