How to Capture Scrolling Page Screen on iOS

When it comes to stability, iOS becomes first one to choose. No matter what kind of problem you have, most of them can be solved using given functions or by using a simple third party app. Although, iOS doesn’t support apps from outside of the App Store but the App Store contains hundreds of free and paid apps those are really good in quality.

Sometime, we need get a screen where scrolling is available. Which means, you cannot capture screenshot of the whole page at once. If you press the power button and home button together, it will capture only the current screen. But sometime we like to send the whole screen to show something to our friends. Or, suppose, you are a technology blogger, who wants to write a tutorial on something where you have to show the whole page. But like said before, this is not possible to capture scrolling page on iOS using predefined functionality.

However, this is certainly possible to capture scrolling page screen on iOS. That implies, you can show the whole page without any issue. However, that is not possible without any app. There is an app called Tailor.


Capture Scrolling Page Screen on iOS

Tailor is a free iOS app available for iOS 7.0 and later version. Although, it has not updated since last one year but still this is a pretty good app that has not produced any problem on iOS 10 as well. You can download Tailor on iPhone, iPad as well as iPod Touch.

However, the functionality of Tailor is pretty different other similar apps. Generally, other full page screen capture tools capture the whole screen at once. But, Tailor doesn’t do that. You have to capture all the screens manually and then Tailor will stich those screenshots once after one. Eventually, you will get the whole page screenshot that can be embedded to anywhere or shared on social networking sites.

But, one thing you should keep in mind that you must have to capture all the screens one by one. Otherwise, Tailor would not be able to detect those screenshots and hence, you will not get the result what you should get.

This is very easy to use on any iOS device. At first, download and install Tailor on your iOS device. After installing, you do not have to do anything like setup. Just capture all the screenshots one after one. After that, open Tailor app on your iOS device. You should get a screen something like this,

How to capture scrolling page screenshot on iOS

As a result, you will get the following screen. The screenshot given in the image is actually a stitched screenshot and all the parts can found in the above image.

Tailor Start Screen

That’s it! Hope this tiny tool would be helpful for you.

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