How to Change YouTube App Brightness and Volume using Touch

YouTube is probably the best and largest video broadcasting platform out there, which is being used by millions of people from across the globe. At the same time, YouTube is the second largest search engine and that is enough to describe how big YouTube is. Different types of people use YouTube in different ways. For instance, a student uses YouTube to learn something new. Some people use this site to be entertained as several entertaining videos are being uploaded in every second from around the world. Mainly, you can use YouTube in two different ways. You can either watch videos or upload videos to YouTube.

YouTube is popular because of many reasons. The very first thing is it is completely free. Although, it shows advertisements but you can use YouTube without paying a penny. Another reason is the YouTube app is available for free for almost all the major platforms including Android, iOS etc. In fact, Android users get YouTube app as an in-built app.

How to Change YouTube App Brightness and Volume using Touch

The YouTube app is very responsive and comes with all the features what you may need. Like said before, you can use the app to do both of the things i.e. upload videos as well as watch videos. This is very easy to use it. However, suppose, you want to change the brightness or volume while watching a video on your Android mobile.

Some people, do not want to use the physical buttons in order to change the things. However, if you want to change brightness, you will have to open the status bar menu and then reduce the brightness. Sometime, it looks okay but sometime it seems not so cool. Therefore, if you want to change brightness and volume using touch or gesture, here is a solution.

Change YouTube App Brightness and Volume using Touch

The in-built YouTube app doesn’t have such feature. Therefore, you will have to utilize some other third party app called Touch Controls for YouTube. Although, it has a premium version costs $2, yet, there is no need to purchase the paid version unless or until you need more features. Touch Controls for YouTube app is available for Android 4.3.3 and later version. On the other hand, this is very easy to set up. Let’s check out the setup process so that you can start using this app over YouTube app.

At first, download and install Touch Controls for YouTube app on your mobile. After opening it, you will get a message like this,

Touch Controls for YouTube start screen

Tap on ACCESSIBILITY SETTINGS and activate this app from Accessibility settings of your Android mobile. Following that, you can enter into the home screen of this app.

Touch control for YouTube homescreen

Now, to use this app or change the brightness and volume, just follow this. Open YouTube app and swipe from middle to left (or, left to middle) to change the brightness. On the other hand, just swipe from middle to right or vice versa to change the volume level.

Touch Control on Youtube

That’s it! This is as simple as that. You do not have to use any physical button in order to change brightness and volume.

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