Design Printable Calendars With Images And ToDo Lists Online

With the inclusion of gadgets like smartphones and portable computers in our daily life, connectivity on-the-go has become very much possible. Tech savvy users prefer using Notes, To-Dos and Calendar applications for streamlining their day-to-day tasks.

Online Calendar making softwares are very popular indeed. They provide users with the option to create any kind of custom calendar that can later on be viewed from web browsers or any other platform similar to that. Moreover, these programs also allow online calendar sharing for the ease of users.

There are numerous online calendar making softwares available on the internet that allow users to create custom multimedia calendars. So here is a brief review of these services:

Calendar Creator

Calendar creator is an ideal calendar maker for both business and family purposes, using this software you can easily create a calendar online that can later on be viewed from any internet browser. Calendar Creator software also specializes in keeping the calendars very much secure and private. The calendars you will create using Calendar creator can either be totally private for you or you can also give access to your friends via a password.

Create-a-Calendar by KeepandShare’s

Well if you are looking for a blank online calendar maker then KeepandShare’s Create-a-calendar is the perfect place from where you should start-off. KeepandShare’s Create-a-calendar is ideal for family and business, using it you can make or create your own calendar with totally free Calendar software for 2011(or any year as a matter of fact). You can create your account and will get 9 free calendars that are printable. You can choose from loads of templates plus Create-a-calendar also supports PDF printing for the ease of users. You can see the various templates and options that KeepandShare’s offer to create a printable calendar by following this link. [Create-a-Calendar]

Web Calendar Pad


Another very useful online calendar making software easily available on the internet is Web Calendar Pad. It is an easy to use windows based program that enables you to publish event calendars on your website or on anyother platform. Calendar Pad software directly publishes these online calendars from Windows Desktop to any website using standard FTP protocols. Good thing about it is that it does not involve any programming or syncing with an online database. Attaching documents, pictures and PDF files is pretty simple just like you do in an email. You can try out this software from their website.[Web Calendar Pad]

Easy Calendar Maker


Easy calendar maker is also a fantastic online calendar making software equipped with loads of options. Some of the features that this online calendar making software offers are:

  • Ability to create photo calendars using any kind of professional photograph within seconds.
  • See the changes in your calendar using the calendar previewing window.
  • The software also has the ability to produce standalone calendars.
  • Create your calendars in multitude of languages including Spanish, German, French.

You can download the free version of Easy Calendar Maker from their website plus if you are interested in the paid Professional version than you can also download it from their website.

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