Will Let You Create and Publish ebooks From Google Drive

If you are a thinker, a teacher, a science scholar or a geek, publishing ebooks on your works has been one of the most fruitful ways to convey your messages to this world. Conversely, when it comes to publishing ebooks, complicated data handling outweighs the joy of creation., a software platform which is now in a public beta status, turns this pesky task into a spartan one. It lets you create and publish ebooks from google drive, directly. Just imagine, your ebook will be ready for every popular online bookstore like, Google Play Books, iBooks and Amazon. Everyone can now publish their dreams and share their stories to a large chunk of mass with this brilliant freeware.

How to Create an ebook transforms this daunting task into a hassel free one. Being an ebook publishing platform from Google drive, its features integrate pretty well with the drive. It harnesses from the real time proof reading abilities of Google drive to make the editing of your ebooks painless. Firstly, you can choose any doc file from your Google drive or upload the same from your desktop to start with.


publish-ebooks-from-google-drive-liberio-upload-files will make you forget those hard toiled days of failed .epub exports for starting your ebook. Thankfully, It can turn any document file, which google drive’s word processor can understands, into a shiny and organized ebook. Moreover, if you are not that satisfied with the skill set of Google drive’s proof reading tool, simply, share your works with the right person from your account. Grant them editing access to your files and integrate their expertise in your ebook.

Multiple Language Support and Editing on the go

When it feels that you are done with the editing process, go through the settings panel of for the finalization. There you will find plenty of handy choices which will endorse your wants. Interestingly, on the way of being a global service, it supports all the mostly spoken languages on this planet. You can also apply your copyright on your dream ebook right from this settings panel.

Added to this, you can always jot down your thought and ideas in your account as a document, whenever you want. As this service is based on google drive, it will not let you miss your single brainstorming ideas or stories. Whether you are in your office or on the evening walk, Google drive’s desktop and mobile application will make editing pages painless on the go.



We all want our work to get the due honour and love from its targeted readers. When it comes to sharing or much the needed flexibility for being available on all the popular reader platforms, acts as a breeze. It converts your ebook to every needed downloadable formats for bolting a bold footstep on every smart devices in this age of diversified reading platforms like, iBooks, Amazon Kindle and more.

Moreover, another good news is its development is still not finished. According to the team, within a very short time, some of the much needed features are going to be added to it like, style editor for designing the cover pages and layout, ability to embed links, media, photos and the most importantly, an in-app ISBN registration for the authors. If an ISBN number can be attached with an ebook, its author can choose to sell it on any platform. Its developers have taken an oath to make it a complete, self-sufficient service without losing its commercial aspect.

I am an avid reader of English novels, biographies and other short forms of stories. Still, in this digital arena, I can not deter my revere to grab a paperback, penned by my favourite writer. I know that, I can’t have all the paperbacks of this world to satisfy this expensive leisure pursuit of mine. For this, I turned my attention on ebooks. The demand is reaching far heights, everyday and I am pretty sure that will quench this thirst by helping us to publish ebooks from Google drive, at ease.

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