How to Create Short URL on Android

Android has been evolved a lot from past few years and this is the reason, why people often go for Android instead of other platforms. Android is popular as price is another factor that people keep in mind while purchasing a mobile. This is very easy to share anything from Android to any other device. You can simply make use of Bluetooth, Mail or any other app like ShareIt to share anything form one mobile to another.

Nevertheless, the problem appears when you need to share a lot of URL on social media or anywhere. Instead of using long URL or the exact URL, you can use URL shortener that will let you create short URL on Android. It has several advantages and various tools are available to make short URL.

If you are using computer, you can simply use or etc. to create short URL. However, when you are using Android mobile, you have to utilize a third party app.

URL Shortner for Android

The main advantage of using shortened URL is you can track all the things from the background. Suppose, you are a blogger and you want to check what type of content is working better on social media. Obviously, you cannot count the like, comment or share to find out the best content. Rather, you have to check the complete stat. If you use URL shortener, you can simply track all the URL in a better way. You do not have to use any other third party tool to get the complete stat of your shared content.

At the same time, this is very easy to share shortened URLs on social media. You can share URL without any clutter. Therefore, if you are using Android and want to create short URL, here you go. There is an app called URL Shortener, which will let you do what is mentioned above.

Create Short URL on Android using URL Shortener

URL Shortener is a free Android app that is available for Android 4.0 and later version. This is very easy to utilize this app as it doesn’t come with any complicated option. It comes with various extensions to create short URL. For example, you can get,,, etc. to create short URL. On the other hand, this is also possible to use only lower case words, lower case pronounceable words, upper case words, upper case pronounceable words, only numbers etc. The most fascinated thing is you can create QR code in order to share a shortened URL. Therefore, download and install URL Shortener on your Android mobile. After opening it, you will get a screen like this,

URL Shortener start screen

Now, paste a URL in the corresponding empty box, select a short URL structure and provider. Then, select the checkbox if you want to get statistics for that shortened link. At last, hit the SHORTEN button.

URL shortening completed using URL Shortener

Now, you can copy the shortened link to your clipboard and share that with anyone. On the other hand, this is also possible to share the QR code with anybody.

Share shortened url from Android

This is as simple as said. Hope this tiny tool would be useful for you.

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