EaseUS Partition Master: Review, Features of Free Partition Manager for Windows

Creating a partition on Windows is not that tough job at all since Disk Management helps users to do all the thing within moments. However, there are more other things what you might want to do. For example, you may wish to migrate your operating system from HDD to SSD or change partition type, etc. Although Command line can let you do these tasks, you will certainly need some additional knowledge to get it done. If you do want to get a hassle free tool to do everything related to Windows partition, here is a tool that will fulfill your demands. This is called EaseUS Partition Master. Although this is not the completely free tool you can certainly use the trial version before opting for the premium one.

EaseUS Partition Master Review


EaseUS Partition Master is a very easy to use tool that comes with loads of functions. However, you won’t get cluttered with all the features are well categorized. Hence you can understand them quickly based on the category. The following functions are available in EaseUS Partition Master.

  • Migrate OS to SSD/HDD: Let’s assume that you are using HDD and want to move to SSD. This is not that easy task since HDD and SSD are completely different. However, this tool can let you move your OS from HDD to SSD and vice versa.
  • Resize/Move partition: If you have created a high volume partition and want to cut it down into multiple pieces, this option can help you.
  • Copy partition: For them, who want to copy an entire partition with all the files, this is the perfect feature.
  • Merge partition: As the name says, you can merge multiple partitions into one.
  • Change label: If you want to change the drive label, here is the option.
  • Change drive letter: In case you want to change the drive letter, this option will work for you.
  • Check partition: If you are getting any problem and want to run some tests, this feature will be helpful for you since it can check partition properties, run the chkdsk.exe file and make a surface test.
  • Hide partition: For security reasons, if you want to cover up this partition, you can only utilize this function.
  • Delete partition: If you want to delete the whole partition, make use of this feature. The partition will be completely deleted within moments. Following that, you have to create a new partition.
  • Format partition: If you want to keep a partition but do not want any file, just use this option.
  • View Properties: If you want to check the used, unused, total space available in a partition, NTFS info, partition info, etc. you can check this feature.

Like said before, this is very easy to use the tool. At first, make any change that you want and hit the Apply button to make the changes. Otherwise, your changes won’t be saved. A new tool in integrated into EaseUS Partition Master, which is Cleanup and Optimization. It helps users to delete junk files, large files and run disk tests.

You can download the trial version of EaseUS Partition Master from here. If you want more features, you may need to purchase it for $59.95. The Server edition costs around $259 and the Unlimited license version is priced at $499.

That’s it! Hope this little tool would be helpful for you.

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