How To Embed Tweets In Your Website Or Blog

Blackbird Pie is the new tool in Twitter’s inventory which lets you embed tweets in any webpage or in blog posts. If you frequently use screenshots of Tweets, you have a better option now.

To get the code of any tweet, all you have to do is copy paste the URL of a tweet in the Blackbird pie home page and hit “Bake it”.

Embed tweets using Blackbird pie

Ebed tweets using Blackbird Pie

The site will generate an embed code which you can safely add in the HTML source of your website or blog posts. The code is really long and the output is something which you see next

There are some things to take note regarding Blackbird pie. First, the code will inherit the current styling of your site, which means it will show the same font type, sizes, colors etc. Second, the background of the Twitter user is also parsed along with the tweet. The links are also clickable, which means anyone can click through the link to view the original tweet at Twitter. The links include shortened links as well as replies.

Having problems embedding the code?:  If you use WordPress for blogging and face any problem to embed the tweets in your blog posts, enclose the embed code within a unique <div> tag. Then paste the entire code in the HTML source of your blog post.

Quote URL: Alternative of Blackbird Pie

QuoteURL is however a nice alternative of Blackbird pie. The site helps you group different Twitter updates from different people into a single page  that has a permanent URL. You can put it on your blog or send interesting conversations to friends. Works quite the same way as Blackbird pie, just paste in the URL of tweet(s) which you want to embed (see example).

Here is how the output looks, once you embed a group of tweets in the HTML source of your blog posts:

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  4. smashingmag Understand the Foundation Before Learning the Tools –

this quote was brought to you by quoteurl

The number of Tweets in QuoteURL is limited to four but I think the site does a great job in organizing and displaying the tweets. In addition to the embed code, you also get a short URL of the “sequence of Tweets” and then can share it with anyone. Great Idea!

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