How to Enable Night Mode on Windows and Mac without Any Software

As Windows and Mac are developing day by day, numerous features are being incorporated into these operating systems through the respected authorities. All of us have experienced with an abundance of awesome features that may sometime end up as a lot better than third party software. For instance, the Device Manager of Windows doesn’t require any replacement for a typical Windows user.

You will find loads of other functions in both operating systems what can carry out users’ demands on the go. However, if you work with a desktop, the night mode is probably not as beneficial as it is on Windows laptop or Macbook. When you use a digital gadget for an extended time, you ought to look after your state of health – mainly your eyes.

Eye strain and lower back pain are the most commonly encountered problems of long time PC users. Although, you must have some good components to reduce back pain but some easy workarounds can eliminate eye strain by 90%. One of the most popular techniques is enabling night mode in low light area. We use the same brightness if we are in sunlight as well as in an extremely low light area or perhaps in zero light area.

We should always use night mode that lessens the brightness and contrast of your screen. Some advantages and disadvantages of using night mode are demonstrated below.

Advantage: This is possible to shed eye strain significantly. You can read longer article or ebook devoid of any issue even during very low light.

Disadvantage: You cannot do graphics editing work in night mode because the color would not be reflected as it is.

Contemplating everything, this is confirmed that if you would like to read ebook or weblogs for a long time, this would be preferable to use night mode rather than regular mode.

However, for doing so, there are several apps available at free of cost. For example, F.lux is a good example to set the brightness according to daytime. But, what if you can set the night mode without any third party software on your Windows and Mac machine? This will indeed solve a hundred problems of running yet another additional software.

How to enable night mode on Windows?

Windows 7 and later versions have a feature that actually has not got much popularity. This is called Magnifier. This feature helps users to magnify the desktop to check the pixel of any image or even of your desktop.

Nevertheless, this Magnifier can set a night mode in your Windows PC. This Magnifier is included in almost all versions of Windows and comes with minimum features. For getting started, just open Start Menu and search for Magnifier. On the other hand, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users can press Win + X together and type Magnifier. After getting the result, open the Magnifier tool.

Windows Magnifier

By default, the zoom level is +250%. To zoom out, just click on minus (-) button and trim it down to 100%.

Zoom out to 100

After that, click on the settings button or gear button, which generally refers to Option.

Magnifier settings

Now, make a tick next to Turn on color inversion and save your settings.

Turn on color inversion

That’s it.

How to enable night mode on Mac?

If you are a Mac user, you might have seen that Apple has redesigned the user interface of Mac. The latest version of OS X aka OS X Yosemite comes with a totally redesigned FLAT UI, which is pretty gorgeous. This version of OS X has tons of new features. Now, you can partially enable night mode on 10.10 Yosemite without using any third party software.

Just open your stock Settings app and go to General tab. You will get a screen something like the following picture,

use dark mode in os ox yosemite

Just make a tick next to Use dark menu bar and Dock. That’s it. As mentioned above, it will enable the dark mode or night mode partially, your dock and menu bar will be looking with a black and white color scheme. If you are not satisfied with this color combination, you may have to opt for a third party software such as Nocturne.

If you have not updated your old version of OS X to OS X Yosemite, you cannot get this feature. Alternatively, if you use iBook, you can get a Night mode on iBook. Just open it up, click on font settings button and select Night if White or Sepia is set.

dark mode in ibook

Hope this little trick will help you a lot.

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  1. Vinay says:

    Thanks for the tip. Really helps working at night :)

  2. Anirban Mukherjee says:

    The stupidest suggestion I ever came across. Makes all negative has nothing to do with easing your eyes, high contrast eye piercing light with images in negatives.
    My suggestion to you is that when next time you have the urge to feel smart and do something for the world, DON’T!! And stop smoking that weird stuff that gives you this megalomania.

  3. Abacos says:

    That is not “night mode” at all! It is just negative colors. A real night mode only affects text and background, but leaves images untouched.

    Further problem: you have to activate the magnifier manually every damn’ time you turn on the computer! Also, it opens one more window.

    Sorry, but your article is no help.

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