How to Enable Transparent Mode On Google Hangouts On Chrome

Google Hangouts became the best place to connect with your near and dear ones on Gmail. Recently Google separated hangouts as a standalone website with beautiful backgrounds and easy interface. This allowed us to stay away from getting distracted by email. We can do video call, phone call (charges may apply).

To chat with someone, either we need to open Gmail or sign in Google Hangouts website. If we get any message in chat, we may get desktop notification, but there is no way that we can reply right there only. Instead of shifting windows, wouldn’t it be nice to have a portable messenger in our desktop so that we can access from there only without switching through tabs again and again?

If you are facing the same problem and use Chrome as a primary browser, I do have a solution for you.

The solution is pretty easy. It’s installing Google Hangouts App (mind you,not extension!) for Chrome. You can get it from the web store here

After App got installed into your browser, sign in using your Gmail account to start using the App.

How to enable Transparent Mode on Chrome App?

Instead of going to the app also again and again, you can make the hangouts stick at one side of your desktop like a dock.To enable this feature, open Menu icon besides your name on the app, scroll down to see the option “Enable Transparent UI”.


Then you would see the App getting displayed at sidebar in your PC, and notifying you whenever you receive a new chat message from various friends. You can even start a new conversation right there only.



If you want to you can quit the transparent UI by selecting cross option on the icon. You can either minimize the UI or Quit the view.


You can also send hand drawn images on Hangouts. You can learn how to do that here.

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