10 Exercises to Remove Eye strain While Working Infront of Computer

eyesDo you use computers for more than 2 Hours a day ? You may be a Victim of CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome) . Long hours infront of computer can cause eye fatigue, blurred vision, headaches, dry or irritated eyes.Check out Some Effective Eye Exercises and the Reasons of Eye fatigue caused Due to Computers.

Reasons Of Eye fatigue caused Due to Computers

There are  plenty of reasons for Eye fatigue caused due to Overuse of computers. Here  goes some serious reasons :

1. Computer Users have a fixed posture which keeps The upper Body Fixed for a long Period of time.

2. Continuously Gazing to a Nearby object (the computer Monitor ) leads to convergence Fatigue.

3. The Eye Muscles Do not Get Much opportunity to Move.The Shoulders are kept at a Fixed place which Affects the eyes as well.

4. Overhead office lights and other light Sources Falling on the Computer Screen causes Glares.These glares have an Adverse Effect on your Eye pupils.

5. In general a person blinks 15-20 Times a Minute.But when you are Working in the computer the Blink rate reduces to 5-10 times Per minute due to Continuous staring and Concentration.In the Absence of Adequate Blinking Eyes become Dry and Irritated.

6. Working Too much on computers at night Might affect your Sleep as well.

Check your Workstation for Eye Constraints

Eye stress can be considerably reduced if we adopt to the correct environment at our workplace. Also Sticking to a Schedule and Being more disciplined at work is by far the Most necessary constraint to reduce any kind of Physical stress and strains. Here are some Exercises that Helps to reduce Eye fatigue while you are working for long hours infront of the computer.

Ensure Adequate Light : When we do not provide enough light for the eyes to do their job, we are adding additional and unnecessary strain on the eyes. Be sure to use light bulbs with enough wattage (min 40 Watt for a Moderate room )

Keep your monitors Below Eye level : The monitor should be Ideally placed 5 to 9 inches below Eye level.This causes your Eyelids downward thus maintaining a healthier Blink rate.Adjust The Height of your Seat : For Best Results adjust The seat of the Computer Chair so that the Middle of the computer Screen Is 20 Degrees Below Eye level.

Screen distance and Monitor Positions : The Screen Should Be placed at a Minimum distance of 16-20 Inches from the Eye.There should not Be any light Source behind or in front of your Monitors.So Position the Monitors such that the Room Windows falls in the Side rather Than Back or front.

antiglare screen

Use an Anti Glare Screen: The Monitor Emits Harmful radiations that always Affects Your eyes. The Computer Monitors refreshes Every Millisecond and Continuous gazing to the refreshing monitor Makes the Eye pupil think Its day time.This Indirectly Affects your Sleep.

For Laptop and Notebook Users : Rest Your Backbone against a  wall if you are Using Your laptop from Your Bed.Otherwise overtime you will lean towards The Computer Which is Harmful both For your Eyes and Spine.

Exercises that reduce Eye Strain While Working At the Computer

And here are a few useful exercises that  help in reducing eye strain During long hours infront of the Computer. The 20-20-20 rule and rotating eyeballs  work like Magic. Try them and you will feel the difference

20-20-20 Rule of Blinking : Blinking creates an even Film of tears on the Eye Surface that keeps the eye Moist.So You should Blink Very often.Follow the following 20-20-20 Rule of Blinking:

After every 20 minutes of looking into the computer screen,look at any object placed at least 20 feet away. Try and blink your eyes for 20 times in succession, to moisten them.If Possible,Walk 20 paces after every 20 minutes of sitting in one particular posture. Helps blood circulation for the entire body.[Thanks Ramanathan]

Rotate the Eyeballs : While you keep your eyes closed, roll your eyeballs both clockwise and anticlockwise and take a deep breath. Gradually open your eyes while releasing your breath. Continue this Exercise for a Minute or two.You can repeat it three times before getting back to work.” It serves as a good workout for the eyes.[Thanks Digital Inspiration]

Use Tea Bags, Potato and Cucumber Slices For refreshment : When You return From Work cut two thin Slices of fresh potato Slices and Place them Just Over Your eyes.Lie Down and keep these Potato Slices for 10 Minutes.After that Wash your Face with Cold Water.

Before going to Work Keep two used tea Bags in the refrigerator.When you return,Place the tea Bags on your Eyes for few Minutes- this Will relax your tired Eyes.

Press cold cucumber slices gently against eyes 10 minutes before going to sleep at night to prevent puffiness.

Look At Distant Objects : Look at Distant Objects for every 5 minutes in an Hour.This changes the Focal length of your eyes. If you are Inside Your office a better option Would be to go out in the lobby or Balcony.[ P.S : Don’t Lose Your Job :) ].

Sleep Is important : A good Night Sleep is the best possible Exercise for your Eyes.Without proper Sleep (especially at Nights) your eyes Will Always feel tired.So try to Sleep Early ,At least Before Midnights.Never miss the opportunity of Short naps In the Afternoon.

An Ancient Technique

When you feel tired Take a Clean Eye dropper and a Glass Of  Cold Water.Lie Down and using the dropper pour 5 drops of cold Water into each of your Eyes.Take Deep breaths while keeping your Eyes closed for 2 Minutes.After that open your Eyes but Do not Wipe Out your Wet Eye.Let the Water Evaporate Naturally.Repeat This exercise twice a day.

Nutrition For your Eyes

It is also crucial to Include foods that are beneficial for your Eyes health.Some of them Include :Cauliflower,Sunflower seeds,raw cabbage,Watercress,cantaloupes broccoli. Carrot Juice is Excellent in preventing common Eye problems

Use Eye Drops : Keep a prescribed Eye Drop available in your office desk.Whenever You feel your Eyes are irritating and causing you pain use lubricating Eye Drops.This Removes Strain and redness.

Do you Work For long hours in front Of the computer ?  Have you a Better Tip ? Share with us in comments

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