Google Launches App List and SDK for Google Cardboard VR

Google, the web giant has almost all types of products or services for the world. Earlier this year, Google launched a virtual reality headset aka Google Cardboard VR headset. Although, one or two more companies have launched quite same gadgets for providing a virtual reality experience but Google’s Cardboard is the most beautiful, lightweight and affordable VR headset out there.

Custom Google Cardboard

Today, Google has launched some great development kit and app list only for Google Cardboard Headset users and developers. On the other hand, Google has launched dedicated Cardboard app. Let’s take a look at most popular apps for Google Cardboard VR Headset.


The official Google Cardboard app is available at free of cost and you can get it on Android 4.1 and upper versions. By making use of this Cardboard app, you can get better virtual reality experience. This app comes with some demo as well. For instance, you can utilize Google Earth, YouTube, Windy Day and more others in a collaboration between mobile and Google Cardboard VR headset.

Some Useful Apps for Google Cardboard

Tilt Brush Gallery

You know that Tilt Brush is a great app that helps users to do painting. You can do sketch and other advance painting with Tilt Brush. This official Tilt Brush application for Google Cardboard VR headset will let you view Tilt Brush’s painting gallery in your headset. This awesome application is available for Android 4.1 and later versions. Although, this is pretty large in size but you don’t worry – it won’t make your phone slower.


Lapso for Google Cardboard

Do you want to play with Gravity? If YES, Lapso is the perfect app for you. The Lapso app is available on Android 4.1 and later versions. You can easily watch various things related to gravity. For example, you can watch and check what will happen if earth becomes gravity free. There are more interesting things to watch using this app. Lapso is mainly developed for Google Cardboard VR Headset. Hope you would like it.

Go Show

Go Show for Google Cardboard

Generally, we watch movies on 2D screen or maximum 3D display. But, Go Show is such a great Android app that will let you watch movies on 2D, 3D, 360 and 3D-360 display. Although, Go Show app is available on Android mobile but you can use it with Google Cardboard VR headset. This is where it excels. You will get a far better virtual reality experience. On the other hand, this is possible to watch YouTube videos. As you will have a virtual movie theater, you can select any sit to watch movies.

There are more other apps for Google Cardboard VR Headset. You can get the full list at here.

For developers

Google cardboard on hand

All the aforementioned information are mainly for Google cardboard users. However, Google has some useful stuffs for developers too. Google has launched Android and Unity SDK to create better application for Google Cardboard VR headset developers. By making use of this SDK, you can develop and test your own application. This SDK will be working as same as Android SDK. So, instead of using custom SDK for VR development, developers can now use official Android and Unity SDK. Download Android and Unity SDK.

For Custom Cardboard Builders

Google has something more for us. If you do not like the existing Cardboard, you can simply make your own custom VR headset. Google has publicized the specifications of Cardboard VR headset for us to help to create personalized headset. You can customize the edge or headset and so more using this kit. Get information at here.

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