Best GoPro Editing Software To Edit Footages On Windows And Mac

GoPro is evolving day by day as a fine-tuned action camera for divers, racers, vloggers, trekkers, etc. Apart from having a good zoom in functionality, GoPro has almost everything to fulfil your demands in every situation. If you have some footages, and you want to edit them before uploading to your social networking site or YouTube, you can check out this article. Here are some of the best GoPro editing software to edit footages on Windows and Mac computer.

Best GoPro Editing Software

1] Quik – The Official GoPro Editing Software


Quik is the official GoPro footage editing software available for Windows and Mac. Although it comes with comparatively fewer features than other similar tools, it does the job pretty well. You can import all your footages and make a video out of them within moments. As this is the official app, you would not find any compatibility issue with the footages. Regarding availability, you need Windows 10 or Mac OS X 10.10 or later version. Download

2] Adobe Premier Pro – Paid GoPro Editing Software

Adobe Premiere Pro

If you need the best option, you should not install anything except Adobe Premier Pro. This is the best video editing software which can edit GoPro footages with ease. No matter what kind of editing you want to do with your footage that is possible while using this tool. From making a slow-motion video to time-lapse footage – everything can be done with the help of Adobe Premiere Pro. However, it is not free software, and you need to pay a minimum of $9.99/month to get this software. The good news is that you can install Premiere Pro on Windows as well as Mac. Download

3] iMovie – Free GoPro Editing Software For Mac

iMovie Best GoPro Editing Software To Edit Footages On Windows And Mac

If you have a Mac computer and you want to edit GoPro clips on it, you can check out this free software called iMovie. Chances are you already have this tool in your computer. In case you removed it earlier; you can install it from the Mac App Store. This is free software made by Apple for Mac and iOS users. No matter whether you have shot in 4K or 1080p, you can edit the footage in this tool. The user interface looks good, and it offers all the essential options such as basic audio editing, video effects, transitions, etc. At last, you can export the video in 4K or any other lower resolution. Download

4] Final Cut Pro X – Paid GoPro Editing Software For Mac

Final Cut Pro X Best GoPro Editing Software To Edit Footages On Windows And Mac

If you have a Mac computer, but you do not want to install Premiere Pro because of complexity, Final Cut Pro X is a better option. Apple has made this software only for Mac users. It comes with some basic as well as advanced functionalities so that users can implement a professional touch on their raw footages. From adding transitions to effects, you can do every possible thing with the help of Final Cut Pro X. The user interface is quite neat and clean – much better than Adobe Premiere Pro. However, this is a paid software, and you need to pay $299.99 to purchase it from the App Store. You can try it for one month to check if it is made for you or not. Buy

5] OpenShot – Open-Source GoPro Editing Software For Windows And Mac

OpenShot video editor Best GoPro Editing Software To Edit Footages On Windows And Mac

OpenShot is a free and open-source video editing software that is capable of editing GoPro footages. This is a cross-platform utility which is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This tool offers only basic options such as video effects, audio waveforms, slow motion, time-lapse, title editor, 3D animations, etc. The user interface is uncluttered since all the options are well managed. It is possible to apply custom frame size, frame rate, aspect ratio, video/audio format, etc. If you need Hollywood style title or postscript, you can do that too with the help of OpenShot. Download

6] Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Elements Best GoPro Editing Software To Edit Footages On Windows And Mac

People often ditch Adobe Premier Pro because of the complexity. If you are one of them, you should take a look at Adobe Premiere Elements, which will let you do some advanced editing on a comprehensive user-interface. It offers some handy features, but you do not need to spend a lot of time to understand them if you are using it for the very first time. It comes with several video effects, transitions, etc. As it has an in-built fully-featured audio editing interface, you do not need to install any third-party software for editing the audio file. On the other hand, it supports 4K videos, and that’s why you do not need to worry about the video quality at all. Buy

7] Blender – Free GoPro Editing Software For Windows And Mac

Blender Best GoPro Editing Software To Edit Footages On Windows And Mac

If you need a basic GoPro editing software for your Windows computer, you should check out Blender. Although it is available for free, you can find tons of genuinely useful features like modelling, sculpting, animation, rigging, grease pencil, VFX, simulation, etc. When it comes to video editing, you can find only one limitation. It doesn’t allow users to add more than 32 slots for adding video, audio, photo, etc. Like standard editing software, you can find an audio editor for basic audio editing, speed control, adjustment, etc. Features of this tool is a plus point, but the user interface has made it even better. Download

8] CyberLink PowerDirector

CyberLink PowerDirector

If you need an uncluttered user interface with all the handy features, CyberLink PowerDirector might be a great solution for you. It has all the essential features like Final Cut Pro, but the price is comparatively lower than that tool. This is one more reason why people often opt for this cross-platform GoPro editing software. This is an all-in-one video editing software that comes with dedicated cloud storage to store all your work and access them from anywhere. Currently, it is priced at $99.99 (Ultra edition), but you can purchase a higher variant which costs $129.99. Before spending money on this tool, you should try out the trial version so that you can know if PowerDirector is made for you or not. Official website

These are some of the best free and paid GoPro editing software for Windows and Mac. I hope you like them.

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