How To Enable Two-step Authentication In Firefox Account

Firefox is one of the best browsers in terms of security and user experience. Google Chrome is another similar browser, and it depends on personal preference, whether you should install Chrome or Firefox. Like Google Chrome, you can synchronise your browsing history, bookmarks, etc. in Firefox as well. For that, you have to get a Mozilla Firefox account and sign into that on multiple devices. However, if you are worried about your information, you can check out this tutorial. Here is how to enable two-factor authentication in a Firefox account.

Feature-wise, Mozilla Firefox is one of the best browsers that offer countless options so that users can perform various tasks effortlessly. For example, this is possible to use different experimental features, install add-ons, etc. On the other hand, the browser security of Firefox is pretty good as well that help you protect your information securely.

If you want to synchronise your browsing history, cookies, bookmarks, saved passwords, etc. across multiple devices, you need to get a Firefox account. Otherwise, the synchronisation process won’t work for obvious reasons. The best thing about this account is that you can turn on two-factor authentication. The 2-step verification is a handy security functionality that lets you protect your account from being attacked. If you enable it, you need to verify your login by entering an OTP sent to you on your email or mobile number.

This is very easy to enable two-step verification in Firefox account, and you can do that from the website as well as the Firefox browser. No matter which method you follow, you will end up visiting the Firefox website. For more information, this is recommended to follow the following step by step guide.

Enable Two-step Authentication In Firefox Account From The Web

To enable two-step authentication in Firefox account from the website, you need to follow these steps-

  1. Visit the official website of Firefox:
  2. Sign in to your Firefox account.
  3. Click the corresponding Show button
  4. Verify your email address
  5. Install Google Authentication on mobile
  6. Scan the QR code and enter secret code
  7. Get two-factor authentication enabled in your Firefox account

Before getting started, you should know that you must have to verify your email address associated with your Firefox account. Also, you need the Google Authenticator application on your mobile. You can install it on Android and iOS mobile.

To get started, visit the Firefox website. You can do that by entering this URL in the address bar of your browser:

Head to that website and sign in to your account with valid credentials. If you have already verified your email account, you do not have to perform these steps. However, if you didn’t do it earlier, you need to click the “Show” button next to the Two-step Authentication label.

It will ask you to verify your email address. In other words, you will get an email, and you need to follow the instructions to get it done.

Enable Two-step Authentication In Firefox Account From The Web

Next, visit the same account settings page and reload it. You should get a turn on message. Click on it, and scan the QR code using your mobile via Google Authenticator app. If you have installed something else, you need to use that to scan the code accordingly.

Your authenticator app will show you a code that you need to enter in the Firefox account settings page. After that, the two-factor authentication will be turned on automatically.

Enable Two-step Authentication In Firefox Account From Firefox Browser

To enable two-step authentication in Firefox account from Firefox browser, follow these steps-

  1. Open Firefox Options
  2. Go to Sync tab
  3. Click the Manage account option
  4. Verify your email address and turn on two-factor authentication

At first, you need to open the Options page in your Firefox browser. Click the Menu button, where you can find the “Options.” After that, click the Sync option from your left-hand side.

If you have already signed into your Firefox account, you can find an option called Manage account, and you need to click on it.

Enable Two-step Authentication In Firefox Account From Browser

If you haven’t done that yet, you need to enter your Firefox account details first. After that, you can find the Manage account option. Now, you can follow the same steps as mentioned above to turn on two-step authentication in your Firefox account.

After enabling two-step authentication, you have to enter the OTP every time you go to log into your Firefox account.

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