Kaspersky Cleaner : Free Junk Files Cleaner for Windows

Kaspersky Lab is a trusted anti-virus development company out there, which has one of the most popular anti-viruses that is being used by millions of people. As Kaspersky is cheap and very useful, people often opt for this anti-virus instead of any other. However, now, Kaspersky has launched a beta tool for removing junk and temporary files from Windows machine. Although, there are so many other junk files removers for Windows, but you should definitely give it a try so that you can realize how good it is. All the features of Kaspersky Cleaner are mentioned here.

No matter, how good your Windows machine’s configuration is, but you would definitely get junk files and temporary files in different folders. Those things get stored in Windows whenever, you do various things like uninstalling a software, remove any file, use browsers and so on. There is a Temporary folder in Windows, where you can find all the temporary files. But, you cannot get rid of junk files by just removing all those files from that Temporary folder. There are many other hidden places, where temporary files can be found.

Kaspersky Cleaner for Windows

To remove all the junk files from Windows computer, this is far better choice to opt for a third party tool instead of trying it manually. Therefore, Kaspersky Cleaner is certainly a good software and that is available for free for Windows.

Kaspersky Cleaner : All you need to know about

As mentioned before, Kaspersky Cleaner is available for free for Windows. On the other hand, you can download this tool for Windows 7 and later version. Although, nothing is mentioned on the official website, but it seems, it doesn’t require any special system requirement as it removes junk files and any PC can have such files stored in the computer. For your information, Kaspersky Cleaner runs awesome on Windows 10 as well.

The following things can be removed from your PC with the help of Kaspersky Cleaner,

  • Clear TEMO folder
  • Clear TEMP system folder
  • Clear CrashReports folders of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome
  • Clear MiniDumos of Mozilla Firefox
  • Delete IIS logs and IIS HTTP error log
  • Delete Adobe system update logs
  • Delete Windows log files
  • Delete temporary files of Adobe flash player
  • Delete Windows update log
  • Clear CD/DVD recorder cache
  • Delete Group Policy log files
  • Delete Windows installation log files
  • Delete memory dumps
  • Clear QuickTime cache
  • Delete Oracle and Apple log files
  • Delete SAM log files
  • Clear Windows error reporting files
  • Clear MUICache
  • Delete VirtualBox logs
  • Clear icon cache of Microsoft Visio

Apart from that, it can check various settings of Windows and show you the recommended options. For instance, it can check

  • Windows update settings
  • Autorun from HDD and network drives

It can check whether any setting is ON/OFF. For example,

  • If Task Manager is blocked or not
  • If Registry Editor is blocked or not
  • If BAT files association is blocked or not

And so on.

Therefore, download Kaspersky Cleaner and install it on your machine. Following that, you will get a window like this,

kaspersky Cleaner

Just hit the START SCAN button to get started with this app. After that, it will check your system. Give it a few moments, when it will complete the analysis. If there is anything wrong, you will get a window like this,

Kaspersky Cleaner analyse result

Now, hit the FIX button to get things done.

That’s it! Hope this free junk file cleaner for Windows will be helpful for you.

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