Annotary – Mark any Web Page, Save for Research Later, Share Your Markups

Have an interesting site that you not only want it for later reference, you also want to be able to add notes, share it with your friends and more. Annotary is a great tool for storing all the interesting websites that you bump into with additional features such as highlight certain parts of the web page and add notes. Let us dive into the social web page bookmark system.

Annotary - Highlight any text

Annotary is similar in ways to bookmarking services like Pocket, Readability and more. Annotary has extensions for most of the popular browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. Set up an account in Annotary and it will direct you to install the extension appropriate for your browser. On the Chrome browser Annotary has its icon on the browser toolbar.

When you want to add a site to Annotary, simply click on the icon to save the page into your collection. You can add notes to the saved page. Also you can create several collections for different streams of web content.

Annotary - Add notes to highlighted text


What’s different from other bookmarking services is the ability to highlight any part of the web page to make note of some interesting stuff. You can select the marker from the sidebar that pops up when you click on the Annotary icon. The operation is straightforward, select the marker and mark the part of the web content that you find it interesting. Once done, a pop up sticky note appears next to the highlighted text. You can use this to add a note about the highlighted text.

Lifehacker notes that Evernote Web Clipper has similar functionality, although Annotary has better functionality in that the whole web page is saved rather than the interesting part of the web page as in the former. Annotary lets you highlight as many as you please with ease, something that would favour habitual surfers.

Annotary Home Page

To view your collections, head to the Annoter website or simply click the home button in the sidebar. The home pages shows web pages from yours as well as other users. The “Collect” lists all the collections you have made. All your marked sites appear in a card boxes, with the highlighted parts of the web site being shown on these cards.

Annotary also has a social feed that let you follow other users for their bookmarks. This is similar to Stumbleupon, with the added feature that one can see highlighted text with notes on these pages. The “Explore” option lets you explore collections of marked pages other users, even add some of your own if it’s allowed. The collections can also be shared to users by adding members to the collections. These members can add their own set of marked pages, even modify others.

Annotary - Collaboration

Annotary is one of those web tools that is really handy. The killer feature is the ability to add notes on any part of the web content that is bookmarked and the ability to share. It supports multiple browsers and users on the web can view marked content of others. Indeed, Social Bookmarking has advanced through Annotary.

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