Organize Your Movie Collection, Find Them Easily And Play Them With Moovida

Well although there are loads of media managing utilities and softwares available on the internet, most of them are a bit limited on the feature front. I have tried a lot of media managers in the past but recently I stumbled upon a really cool media organizing and navigation tool that goes further ahead in providing users the control over their Multimedia files.

Moovida is a very slick Media manager that has been around for a while, though the previous versions were not so rich graphically but this new version has overcame the barrier. With the features like Moovida immersed and Moovida Manager, users can scroll through movies that are displayed as virtual tiles. Moovida have loads of built-in features that allow the users to seamlessly scroll through their collections.Moovida-3D-User-Interface

How To Get Moovida?

Moovida is only available for Windows, so it means that Linux and other OS users have to wait a bit till the time the tool gets released for other platforms. The software can be downloaded from their website and it works well with Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7. If you happen to be using an older version of Windows then you can also run the software by using Microsoft .NET Framework.

[Download Moovida]

Adding the Media Files in Moovida

Good thing about Moovida is that it can control almost all the different kind of media files available. The software can catalogue, play and store various formats of videos and images. Moreover, you can also manage and organize images that are there on your system. Here is how the adding the files process goes:

  • The moment you start the application it will automatically start looking for the media files on your PC.
  • You can also import the media file directly in the software.
  • Once the import process begins, Moovida will automatically start searching for genres, actors, directors, years, cover arts and thumbnails.
  • If you confront any problems setting up Moovida, then you can visit their websites for detailed instructions.
  • Users can also add internet radio stations in their Moovida media utility, plus you can also import your entire iTunes Playlists.

Moovida User Interface


Moovida user interface is pretty basic, with the navigation on the left side, while the right top corner holds the icon for Moovida Immersed, clicking which will display you a 3D wall of all the movies and videos that you have added in Moovida. While browsing through the contents, you can also apply various filters like actor, genre, year, rating, or number of other things.

If you happen to have a Windows remote you can also navigate through the contents when your computer is connected to the TV.

On the whole, Moovida is an excellent media manager that just plays about anything, organizes the information and collects the thumbnails of your media files with simplicity. There are other media managers as well available on the internet like Pump and Miro with a handsome number of features. But I think once you start using Moovida you will definitely become a fan of it. Let us know what you loved about the tool?

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