7 ways to Open Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets Without Excel Software

There may be a situation when you have an Excel spreadsheet to be viewed but the Computer you are using  do not contain any Office application like Microsoft Office or Open Office. Here are a few ways To Open Excel Spreadsheets without Microsoft Office or OpenOffice.

Using a Portable Application : All You need is a USB and a Portable Office Application to do the Job. After That You can Use  and Open any Excel Document Using the Portable software Installed in your USB Drive. Here is a Complete List of Popular Portable applications for Your USB drive.

Google Docs : Google Docs now supports the Excel 2007 format so you can Upload Your Spreadsheet to Google docs  and  edit it or print it.  Everything is stored in your google account and you can access it from any computer with an Internet connection.The maximum Size for uploading Spreadsheets in Google docs is 1Mb and your spreadsheet should not contain more than 200,000 cells in 256 columns.

Google Fusion tables : If you need to Upload Spreadsheets with size larger than 1mb then use  Google Fusion Tables .It lets you upload excel documents with a Maximum size of 100 Mb. You can upload a large excel document from your computer or you can connect your google docs account with Google fusion table and transfer them easily.

Google fusion tables also allows you to Filter Rows and columns so it is a good alternative to google docs .

XLS Viewer : If you do not want to use a Portable Office application then Use  XLS Viewer. It is a Tiny ( 1 Mb) application that can display and print excel spreadsheets without  using an Office software.

XLS viewer can open Excel spreadsheets in both office formats (.xls and .xlsx) and also open CSV and TXT Files.It can also be ex\port the Excel data into HTML

Thinkfree : Using thinkfree you can quickly upload your excel spreadsheet and view it. It supports both the old and New Excel formats.The visual Interface is Brilliant and there is No registration or sign ups involved.Anyone can upload an excel document in just about a minute.

Using Thinkfree you can –

1.Upload the excel document in the Web and Print it.

2.Get the code to Embed your excel document in  your blog or website. You also Get a URL of your Uploaded Document so you can refer anyone to your Excel Document in no time.(See example)

3.Send your Uploaded excel spreadsheet to a Friend via Email.

4.Convert the Uploaded excel spreadsheet to PDF, Text or an image and download it in your computer. You can also Keep a Copy in the Thinkfree website  for future use.

Zoho Sheets : Using Zoho Sheets you can Upload your Excel Document and edit it online.You can use a google account or a Yahoo account to Sign in to Zoho sheets which is the best solution if you are looking for More control on your spreadsheet and add formulas, functions etc.

The Interface is completely identical to Microsoft office 2007 and it seems like they have done a good Job by bringing Microsoft Office spreadsheets to the web. You can almost any kind of Job on Zoho sheets as easily as you do in MS-office. You can embed your Spreadsheet in your blog, Add macros ,Apply Formulas ,Send your spreadsheet Via Email ,export your spreadsheet into other formats or import values from other spreadsheets into your document.

Microsoft Excel viewer : You can also try using  Microsoft excel Viewer , which has a size of 74 Mb to view and edit excel documents.

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