Open Links in Background on Android with Link Bubble

It’s really a bit nagging when we hit a link while using our favorite app and get redirected every time from our app screen to a browser screen. Moreover, it makes us to wait until the page is loaded, fully. Heck.

We always can hope for better with plenty of new apps are hitting the market daily. Brand new app Link Bubble developed by famous Chris Lacy will let you open links in background on Android. Actually, it is a floating browser window which load web links in background while you can keep your eye on your foreground task and take a look on it later when the page is fully buffered.

Suppose, you are on your Facebook timeline and clicked a link which was posted on your timeline. Immediately, you will be redirected to a new tab of your browser loading that web address and maybe that redirects again to a mobile version. Admittedly, Sometimes It becomes so much annoying to stare at browser expecting to load first.

Why all these waiting and wasting of time? Just stick to your Facebook timeline and let Link Bubble open that link in background on your Android. let it do all the loading stuff by itself and it will really not test your mental endurance limits.

Link Bubble handles regular web links but there is some specific ones like Google+, Google Map, YouTube, which will be taken care by their respective apps directly if it is installed. The default settings of the app maximizes the browser automatically when the content will get loaded completely.

You can also set Link Bubble to stay minimized if you don’t want it capture your browsing screen. For this you need to change some basic settings. Simply, Open Link Bubble and tap the Settings icon in the top-right hand corner. Under the first choice, Auto content display, uncheck both options and then hit OK. After loading few links you can check them out later at any time by dragging the bubble anywhere in your screen like chat head.

Long pressing the bubble will give you option to trash,to share or save it to Pocket. To minimize links, tap on their bubble at the top of the screen. To close bubbles, press and hold on them and then drag them to the Close bubble at the bottom of the screen. simple. Right?

There are both free and paid ($4.99) versions of the app is available in Google play. The free version will allow you to use it with one app and one bubble at a time. If you like to go with the free version, you need to select one app for “intercept links from” in free version.


Whereas, the pro version will allow you open multiple links simultaneously from different apps and a small numeral at the side of the bubble will show how many links are currently open at that time. Every tab can be closed separately by pressing the back button. Thankfully, you don’t have to choose only one app as an intercept which is awesome.

This app has an incognito mode which will not save any browsing history. Added to this, the front page of this app will show you how much time you have saved by using it.


Link Bubble only works on Android 4.1 and also with the later versions of the OS. Links are really loaded fast if you have that much bandwidth and this doesn’t seem to impact the system’s performance at all.

Personally, Link Bubble changes the way of our mobile browsing. Using it makes us really feel comfortable. The ability to click a link while, you can continue reading comments and looking at pics is really awesome. Android browsing experience is getting smarter with these new breed of apps.

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