Opera Neon – Most Different Browser with Unique Interface and Features

Opera is popular because of their easy to use interface, fast loading, battery saving browser that is available for the computer as well as mobile. When it comes to the best fast loading and feature-rich browser which you can use for a smoother and safer user experience, Opera comes first. However, Opera has launched yet another browser called Opera Neon with probably the unique feature that can ever available in any browser. Although this browser is still under development, you can certainly experience some good functionalities right now.

Opera Neon Review

Opera Neon

Opera Neon is designed for Windows users, and this is available for Windows only – as of now. If you are a Mac user, you may have to wait for few more days – there is no guarantee, though. According to the developers, users can kickstart their internet browsing all over again with the help of Opera Neon. This is somehow true since users are about to get a fresh user interface with some ‘neon-inspired’ wallpapers – just like Opera browser for PC. In simple words, the visual or graphics of Opera Neon is truly inspirational and useful as well to make a better environment.

Talking about the features or functionalities, you may not get a bunch of features of all the included functions is well optimized. You can also experience some new features while managing tabs and bookmarks. We save the webpages in the toolbar. However, Opera Neon will let you find the ‘apple image’ of every site and pin that on the start screen. Regarding the tabs, this is possible to use ‘Aero Snap’ inside the browser window. In other words, you can place two tabs side-by-side and hence, you can manage them simultaneously. For example, in one tab, you can play a YouTube video, and in another tab, you can read daily morning news or something else. According to the so-called technical term dictionary, this is called split-screen functionality.

Another very useful feature is you can pop out the video player playing on YouTube or any other video broadcasting website. For instance, you are playing a video, but you also want to read news in full-page view. Therefore, instead of using split-screen functionality, you can simply pop-out the video player and play like Apple Safari.

Opera Neon Split Screen

The next big thing is you can capture a screenshot using this browser. Although, this is quite difficult to get captured images, but you can certainly manage them inside the browser. Sometimes, we just wish to take a screenshot from a particular web page and save them in our computer. Obviously, there is a Print Screen button available on your keyboard. But, this feature will let you ditch that in-built feature as well.

Talking about the Settings, you can manage this browser according to your requirement. You can change the default search engine, startup page, option to set it as the default browser, privacy options, password and form manager and more others. This is also possible to change the web font, manage SSL certificates and more others right from the Settings window.

Although this browser is not fully developed, the given features are well documented. You can start your browsing with this browser without any issue. In fact, you can get a better experience because of the environment and features. If you like the features and UI, you can download Opera Neon from here.

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