Remote Access Software and Screen Sharing tools: Best in 2019

In today’s fast life, we don’t have a blade of time to share or even meet our near-dear one. Need has geographically scattered our offices too. So, how to work together as a team in this ordered chaos? Thankfully, remote access software with screen sharing ability can bridge this gap.

So, this topic is focused on informing you about a bunch of remote access software screen sharing and remote accessing software which enable you to be present virtually with your friends, colleagues, staff members, students or anybody else. With these handy tools, you can share your pc-screen with one or many even from the farthest corners of this planet.

Basically, remote access service tools shared a client workstation to a host computer/device by combining hardware-software connectivity in an IT network base. Don’t worry! It’s not rocket science. Technically, you are a few clicks away to install these successfully on your windows/mac devices.

Let’s roll.

TeamViewer – The best Remote access software


In the last 10 years, TeamViewer is linking people with their loyal service. That’s why it’s a trusted brand and it tops our list. Having the key-feature of screen sharing and remote access, it additionally provides file transfer, conducts web conferences, online presentations and group-session as well.

To enable this free to access software into your device, by default, you will have to enter a PIN code to connect with someones else’s device. Moreover, for placid connectivity with a specific person or a group, you can make a group account with a one click-access too. The good thing is there is a superb facility of interchanging the control of a machine between you and your client.

Chrome Remote Desktop


This Chrome Remote Desktop tool is a chrome browser extension mothered by Google. This version of remote access software can only work on if both connected PCs are running the Chrome browser. It is the best no-frills, east-to-set-up chrome browser rather than others and created especially to help the home users to share their PCs. Hence, most of the advanced features are unavailable here.

Go to the Chrome web store, put the automatically-generated access code to connect the two PCs, it’s as simple as that. To get permanent connectivity, set a fixed link. Additionally, the web app also offers a beta version of Chrome Remote Desktop.

Microsoft Remote Desktop


If you are looking for a remote access software for your office usage, then Microsoft Remote Desktop is the ideal one for your need. It is a Windows’ native screen -sharing system which runs on RPD (Remote Desktop Protocol) technology. The problem is, though it has built-in access into OS, but, it only offers the screen sharing between two or more windows Professional devices and above. It doesn’t support any home sharing access.

It appears quite complicated to set up. But, there are an array of advanced features too to help you in your business deals, meetings and so on. To connect the device outside your home network, put the IP address of the specific person’s computer and configure the route to avail smooth remote access connection.

AeroAdmin – Free remote desktop software


 You can undoubtedly call AeroAdmin the twin brother of Team Viewer. The best thing is, you just can install it by running a 2MB .EXE file and track through the displayed instructions as well. By holding a copy on your USB flash drive, one can instantly provide remote access to any machine, which is present in front of you. So, it is also a user-friendly software.

Added to that, there is a choice to configure the app before any user login. For obtaining successful connectivity, you can either use your computers IP address or share the automatically-generated passcode.

Seecreen – Free remote access tool


Are you in a real hurry to install a remote access software in your machine? Simply download the 500KB EXE file (it is packed with Java and standalone installation of the same is not needed) and start sharing the screen with your desired one in seconds. But the screen-polished quality is very low comparing the AeroAdmin.

It carries almost similar tech features like rival-brand AeroAdmin. It lets you chat, make VOIP calls, transfers files, handle various user records, configures the abandoned access, control connection and network lists and many others as well.



It is an actual magic software which offers you the same hallmarks as a paid software but on free of cost. With some classic feature like file transfer, chat, along with some cool new exceptional specialties like- RDP combination, Screen cassette, remote installation of screen-sharing software, web mapping, IP filers, restore-editor, Cascade associates and others this single remote access software acts as a one-stop-shop for us.

Undoubtedly, LiteManager is like a secret-superstar with its free version. You can also go for its paid version for availing some exciting features too.



You can run this remote access software as a portable desktop program or a full-fledged desktop app as well. To start the remote desktop connectivity a consumer just needs to put the host computers’ AnyDesk address or nickname.

Rather than accessing physically on your machine, AnyDesk lets you access remotely and set up abandoned entrance on your files. There are adjustable features like up connection property and speed, clipboard syncing, remote assembly registration, cross-computer manual shortcuts and so on.

Lastly, be aware of hackers. Because they frequently use these types of apps to do scams. Hackers habitually call you to prompt you to install their app. If you install that, they will take over the control to almost everything on your machine. So, only install and use those apps which are coveted and trustworthy.

TeamViewer was a victim of such a hack in 2016. Hacker had stolen the money of many peoples bank account through the penetration of machines.  So, before sign into your account, be conscious.

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