How to Play Multiple Videos Simultaneously on Windows

Windows is indeed a beautiful operating system, which is being used by millions of people from across the globe. People opt for Windows because it is easy to use and loads of free software are available for Windows. Whenever, Microsoft launches a new version of Windows, developers try to cope up with them and launch the update so that users can use their software on the latest version of Windows. At the same time, Windows comes with so many great tools i.e. Windows Media Player, Screenshot feature and many more.

Awesome Video Player

Although, Windows 10 has Windows Media Player as well as Groove Music player, but both of them lag behind when it comes to playing multiple videos simultaneously. Sometime, we want to play more than one video so that we can check something. To get the difference between two different videos or check something else, if you wish to play multiple videos simultaneously on Windows, here is a trick. Although, this is not possible with Windows Media Player or any other modern media players those are readily available for Windows, but you can do that using a third party video player called Awesome Video Player.

Introducing Awesome Video Player to Play Multiple Videos Simultaneously on Windows

Awesome Video Player is a super player available for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. That means, it is available for all the versions what are currently being used by different type of people. However, as the name says, this is a video player and you cannot play audio or only files like mp3 etc. with Awesome Video Player.

Features wise, this is probably the best video player, which provides the best performance on any configuration. No matter, whether you have a graphics card or not, it can easily fetch it and provide the best result that it can. Graphics cars accelerated video decoding is available in this video player, which is generally not available in most of media players like VLC. On the other hand, you can synchronize multiple video playback, which is certainly not available even in Windows Media Player, which is the built-in media player for Windows.

Anyway, to play multiple videos simultaneously on Windows with Awesome Video Player, you first need to download this tool. This is absolutely free and you can download it on Windows 7/8/8.1/10. Unfortunately, it doesn’t run on Windows XP. After the installation, open it on your Windows machine. You can find four demo videos, which will be running side by side. You can play up to 9 videos at a time.

Introducing Awesome Video Player to Play Multiple Videos Simultaneously on Windows

But, you will get sound from one video, which has very common reason. If it plays multiple audios at a time, it will be nothing but a mess. However, you can obviously, unmute the sound of any video at any time. Each video comes with some settings or options such as change aspect ratio, full screen mode, play/pause, volume and repeat.

There are many other features, which are sprucing up this Awesome Vide Player. Do give it a try to know more about them.

Download: Awesome Video Player (Free)

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