Samsung Launches Chromebook 3 at CES 2016

You know that CES 2016 is currently going on and various electronics companies are launching their products one after one. This time, Samsung has launched various gadgets including Samsung Galaxy TabPro S, Notebook 9 etc. Not silently, but Samsung has launched another gadget called Samsung Chromebook 3 at CES 2016. Except that notebook/laptop, this is the second gadget what Samsung is currently making public.

Talking about the configuration, you should know that this is a Chromebook and Chromebook doesn’t require high tech specification to run. Therefore, this Samsung’s Chromebook will also come with some average hardware but that would be enough for you to run Chromebook. You will not get any problem while using Chromebook 3 or doing anything with your Chromebook 3. Chromebook 3 is comparatively light-weight and the dimension is smaller than usual. Therefore, you will get a good user experience with this newly launched gadget.

If you are willing to know about Samsung Chromebook 3, do check out this post. Here you can find a brief review, specifications and some notable features’ name.

Samsung Chromebook 3 Review, Specifications and Features

Samsung Chromebook 3 Review, Specifications and Features

As mentioned before, Chromebook doesn’t require a high tech specification to run, this laptop has an average specification. Therefore, you should not expect anything huge with this gadget. Nevertheless, this Chromebook is super in terms of looks and the hardware has some comparatively good parts as well.

Samsung Chromebook 3 is really good in terms of mobility as the weight is minimum and the dimension is like a Samsung’s tablet. Therefore, the dimension of Samsung Chromebook 3 is 11.36 x 8.04 x 0.70 in and it weighs 1.14kg. This is much light-weight and can be handled without any problem. You can use this gadget on your hands for a longer time. This is certainly a plus point of this Chromebook.

Talking about the display, you will get 11.6-inch HD display with Chromebook 3. You know that a high end tablet comes with that large display. But, this time, you are about to get such display in a Chromebook. To power up the display, you will get anti-glare coating. In terms of hardware, you will get Intel HD graphics to spruce it up. Obviously, you should not expect a great color production out of it but the display is not too bad either.

Hardware makes the performance better and as mentioned before, you won’t get any problem if you use this Chromebook as it comes with Intel Celeron N3050 processor. Although, this is average for an office used laptop or desktop, but this is good enough for a light-weight Chromebook. On the other hand, you will get 16GB storage and either 2GB or 4GB RAM with this gadget. At the same time, WLAN and Bluetooth are also included in this gadget. Although, we haven’t not got any information about the camera, but it is confirmed that you can record video in 720p. Talking about the ports, you will get 1 USB 3.0, 1 USB 2.0, HDMI and MicroSD port.

The price of Samsung Chromebook 3 is not disclosed. Therefore, you need to wait for few more days to get the price if you want to purchase it. What do you think about this very light-weight Chromebook? Do you like this one?

Image Credit: Engadget

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