How to Secure Google Account? Follow These Simple Steps.

For most of us web is nothing but Google as this particular organisation has integrated the web with our lives through their brilliant product lines. With popularity comes the question of security. And it starts with a secure google account. Right?

Every 39 seconds, there is a hacker attack on the web. Moreover, 95% of these attacks happen due to human errors. So, do you omit your valuable adornments unfastened in the vault? It’s a sure ‘no’.

Now, are your online activities safe? Do you own a secure google account?

Our buddy Google, periodically working to make us assured with our data. When we are using Google hub or logging in with our preferred apps or sites, the personified account is automatically protected by Google. Above everything, some inconstant virtual hackers are still there to breach your data.

Presently, the team Google has inaugurated two new updated feature to increase Internet data security, namely cross-account protection and password checkup, a chrome extension. Accompanying with the updated features, which are not familiar towards numerous people, according to the Harris Poll U.S. data survey.

 A secure google account starts with Cross-account protection.

The magnificent duo, Kurt Thomas and Adam Dawes have built useful tools to help us in recovering our account quickly if there is any hacking transpired. But it is not extended to the apps that we signed into with “Google sign-in”. By updating this feature with our account, will get security information alerts immediately if any suspected performance happens.

This tool is designed to protect our privacy at any limitations. But not to worry about our personal information misuse, because it only yields the facts of ongoing security events, basic information about our hijacked accounts, specifies us whether we have to log in or out with the suspicious account.

Cross-account protection is made up by consulting leading technology companies like Adobe, Internet Engineering Task Force(IETF), OpenID Foundation, to make it easily implemented in all renowned apps.

So, what to check or follow for going with this cross account protection layer?

A secure google account wants JavaScript enabled browsers.

Google account security starts its operation even before we sign into our Google accounts. Google online security measures are stringent enough as it looks for every suspicious workarounds when we key in our Google id and password on the Google account sign in page. But, google can do it if and only if JavaScript is enabled on your browser at the time of sign-in.

Added to this, there are other account security points you need to look after.

  • Always verify critical account security settings like your recovery email address and linked mobile numbers. Keep them updated.
  • Lookout for other linked apps or web services which are linked to your Google account. Make it sure that those are safe to use and they are secured too.
  • Financial transactions are most vulnerable when they are not secured. Whether you are using Google Pay or other apps that are linked to your Gmail, always keep it n mind that every transaction is safe and initiated by you.
  • Look for files and malicious contents within your Gmail and in your Google drive. Eliminate them if you are not confident with them.

Having sad all these, there is another good way to secure google account and that’s the password Checkup extension.

Secure Google Account with Chrome Password Checkup Extension

Beyond just Google apps and site protection, the password checkup chrome extension will help us in receiving the same data transgression protections in the best way. Previously, a security measure automatically reset the password on our Google account if it exposed by any hackers. But with password checkup extension we will be warned to change our password by cross-checking one over the 4 billion credentials account. Now check out how simple is it to activate in our Internet-based gadgets.

  • Launch chrome. Go to the chrome web store and install the password checkup extension.
  • Search for password checkup extension  and relocate the same.
  • Install it and the icon for the said extension will appear on the browser bar.
  • From now on, with every third-party app data breaches, will get alerted.
  • In the prevention of data hacking, change the previous password.

The inventor duo created these two extended features by developing privacy-protecting technology of Cryptography research at Google and Stanford University. This is their first version of password checkup extension, still working on refining it.

In addition with these, we.can take some other simple steps to secure google account.

  • Set up a recovery phone number or email Address to obtain and secure our account from the unwanted interference(check up Google Account Security Section to activate it).
  • To minimize the risk, stop using the same password for multiple accounts. Because, if one account can be hacked in some way, the other will be opened automatically. Create separate, hard to predict, at least 8 figure password. If you have a problem to evoke, write down in a diary and keep it in a safe place, virtual hackers can not react physically to it.
  • We can use a password manager to help us in keeping track of all our password.
    Updated the software frequently with the latest version. It will shield online activities. To know. the newest version of a software, check out in the-Windows support, Mac, Android and iOS.

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  • Set up two-factor authentication to decrease significantly unauthorized access of our account. To set up it, go to Google Account. Click on ‘get started’.

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Take Google Security Checkup. It will assist us by sending personalized safety

Lastly, don’t panic. Appreciate your internet activities in secured ways. For more security information visit Google Account Security Section and, always feel free to bug us anytime for more information.

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