Top 3 Password Manager Apps for Android

If you are one of them, who often forget your so-called unique password, you should try a password manage service. Windows or Mac or Linux users can definitely use LastPass, Keepass, Sticky Password, 1Password and more other tools. However, the problem breaks out when someone wants to use a password manager for Android.

This is the era of technology and certainly, technology has variety of glitches, security flaw etc. That is why you supposed to make your online account more secure. You can use two-step verification or something like that security layer to make your account secure. Otherwise, you have to make over all your online property to someone’s hand.

Top 3 Password Manager Apps for Android

The same thing happens with Android users as well. If you often forget your strong and unique passwords, obviously, you save them in your phone’s browser or applications. That is the biggest mistake. Whenever, someone will go to use your mobile, he/she can easily access your account since your log in details are already saved.

However, if you use a password manager on your Android along with other devices, you can easily synchronize you r usernames and passwords within moments. The most important thing is you do not have to remember all your passwords one by one.

Best password managers for Android

Although, there are so many password manager applications available for Android, the following list contains only top three of them. You can use these apps on various platforms.


This is one of the best password manager apps for Android. This service is available for various platforms i.e. Android, Windows, browser extension, web etc. Lastpass works with almost all popular Android software and you can install the app on almost Android versions.

Although, Lastpass is a free password management service but you have to lay out $12 per year to purchase the Android application after expiring the 14-days trial version. You can use your previously saved passwords, generate new strong password, create secure notes and perform a security check using this app. The user interface looks pretty good and not much cluttered.

Important Note: Never ever save the Lastpass password in your app.


It is yet another great password manage app for Android. The app is available not only for Android, but also you can get it on other platforms i.e. Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Windows Phone etc. The availability of this application makes it even more popular. Anyway, the Keep Android app is available for Android 2.3.3 and later versions.

Generally, Keeper app is available at free of cost but you may have to purchase after using it for couple of days. By making use of this application, you can obviously manage your passwords along with create a secure file manager, auto-fill login and password, share password using private key encryption and more. This is also possible to setup a tw-factor authentication using Keeper app.


Alike other password managers, nSecure is also available for other platforms including iOS, Mac, Windows etc. Even though, mSecure for Mac and Windows is available as paid version but you can download it for Android at free of cost.

mSecure can do numerous things like generate passwords, backup mSecure data to SD card automatically, destruct all data if someone attempts to unlock your data, lock apps automatically and so on. It comes with cloud synchronization as well. That means, all your data will be saved in selected cloud storage i.e. Dropbox.

Final Word

Wait! Wait! This is not the ultimate list of best password manager apps for Android. You can download some other good password managers like aWallet to remember your password.

Hope at least you are using one of the all aforementioned password manager apps. What is your opinion?

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