Send Scheduled Emails In Future From Your Email Program using LetterMeLater

You can use emails for task management but what about scheduling emails at a future date? What if you could send an automatic email to a friend on his birthday or schedule a business meeting with a group of people on the first day of every month?

Enter LetterMelater – a useful web application which lets you send automatic emails on a future date. You can use the web interface to send scheduled emails or use the site from your preferred email program – Gmail, Yahoo, MSN and even Microsoft Outlook. (similar service is

Using the Web Interface to Send Scheduled Emails

How to Send Scheduled Emails At Future Date from Gmail, Outlook

To start using the service, sign up for a free account and compose an email message. Pick a date from the calendar and hit “Schedule”. The email will be sent on the specified date.

You can create groups of email addresses and send the same message to multiple recepients in one go. If you want to receive a copy of the email on the scheduled date, just enter your own email address in the “bcc” field. (also read: get emails as Rss feeds to save time)

Using the Dashboard to Check for Scheduled Emails

This feature is most impressive as the site lets you check the status of the emails you have scheduled. You can edit the content of the email messages, receipients address, delete messages from the schedule queue or change the sending date as well.

You can divide contacts into groups and manage scheduled emails in bulk. Say you have scheduled an email for tomorrow evening but discovered that the email do not requires to be sent anymore. Just login to the site, check the email message and hit “Delete”.

Using Gmail, Yahoo Or Microsoft Outlook to Send Scheduled Email

You must be wondering whether the site allows you to schedule emails from Gmail, Yahoo or MSN to send mails at a future date. The answer is Yes and you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Compose a new email message which you want to schedule and put in the address field.

2. In the text area, paste the following parameters exactly

to: recipient(s)

cc: recipient(s)

bcc: recipient(s)

when: date(s) to send – semicolon delimited for recurring emails


Hit Send and you will receive a confirmatory email from LetterMeLater saying that the email has been scheduled. You can then check the status of the scheduled email from the LetterMeLater dashboard.

The scheduling feature works with Microsoft Outlook so you can compose drafts while you are offline and the emails are auto scheduled when you connect to the internet.

The best part of the service is that the emails are ad free and supports HTML.

Creative Uses of LetterMeLater

Since Scheduling is as easy as signing up for an account, you can use this service to become productive and at the same time remember important stuff. Here are some of the ideas:

  • Create scheduled emails to send greetings for marriage anniverseries, birthdays and important occasions.
  • Set up a reminder of particular tasks like backing up files, submitting reports and the like.
  • Set up scheduled emails to clients, prospects and customers about your product.
  • Newsletters?

Tip: Autoforward emails to multiple email addresses

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