Portable Productivity Applications for Windows

Many of us have to travel places as our job demands so. But not all can carry a laptop for their purposes. This is when portable apps come into play. We can possibly carry our working environment along with us just within a USB drive without needing a portable computing device.

Here is a list of my favorite portable tools that I have used for quite long time when I didn’t have a laptop. Luckily, I own a laptop now, but I still use them(portable productivity applications) as they carry on fulfilling my needs in a professional way.

Process word documents on the go

This is the portable version of the light-weight word processing tool AbiWord. You can use this tool to edit your documents on the go. This great portable tool is works on any Windows platform.[Download AbiWord Portable]

Access office tools on the move

Open office is the most versatile tool that can replace MS-Office suite. This is also free. Now this portable version of Open Office does the very same job and that also being located on your USB Drive. That means no installation; you can edit your word docs, spreadsheets, presentations all on the go.[Download Open Office Portable]

Read PDF documents on the go

This is a portable app that will help you read your PDF files on the go. This can be placed on your USB drive and can be run on any machine to read your PDF documents aka ebooks.[Download Sumatra PDF Portable]

Browse Internet on the go


Internet being the everyday necessity, a browser is always needed for being productive. Mozilla Firefox is the most widely used browser now. The recent release for this tool is the v3.5.7. Portable apps offers a portable version for this too. And with the extensive gallery of addons(check out the addons I use) I have made it my only tool these days.[Download Mozilla Firefox Portable]

Manage your emails and contacts on the go


As we all know Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the most used email client. The portable version lets you carry your email accounts and address book as you are on the run.[Download Mozilla Thunderbird Portable]

Manage your to-do lists on the go


Mozilla Sunbird has been the most used task management tool for users since its arrival. Now the portable version will simplify the task of managing to-do lists far easier as it would there all the time, even when you are away from your own machine.[Download Mozilla Sunbird Portable]

Manage your passwords on the go


Take all your passwords on the go. That means even when you are on a different machine; you do not need to memorize your passwords. Plus added security is that you can use it without leaving a clue for your passwords. All data will be saved on your USB drive. It has also an added advantage of generating randoms passwords for you[Download Keepass Password Safe Portable]

There are many more portable tools that can possibly carry out similar tasks as mentioned above. But those are some I have personally used for all my purposes and can assure you of a fail-safe result. What are your choices ? Please share with us via comments.

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