How To Get Rid Of Junk Images In Your WhatsApp At One Go

WhatsApp became an undetachable thing in our lives. We share anything and everything with our friends using WhatsApp every day. Also, no limit for forwarded messages we receive from our friends even though they aren’t relevant to us in any manner. We truly want to stop getting them many times, but couldn’t tell that to many people as they may consider that rude.

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Because of these things, a huge portion of our phone memory would get occupied by the images we get in our WhatsApp. Memes, festival wishes, cartoons, quotes etc would get flooded into our phone and eat up all our memory. If you are a member of groups as well, this could get really annoying. It’s not always possible to check every image and delete it if it’s not important and deleting WhatsApp image folder in the gallery isn’t a good option either because we may wanna keep some important images in there. As a result, we end up receiving out of storage warnings.

Well, this is exactly when you need Magic Cleaner App. The App, made by Indian startup Siftr, will dig into your media gallery, analyzes unimportant images like memes, quotes all the unwanted images of that sort and shoots back with results. You can simply select them and delete them on the fly. Literally, this would be a lifesaver for any Android device running WhatsApp.


I know may of you would’ve already guessed it by now that this app uses AI in the background and you are correct. Magic Cleaner has their own image recognition engine at the background which scans for garbage images. The scanning is done on the server side so you need to have an active internet plan on your phone to run this thing. According to the source, this app only uploads a little hash of your image and matches against their own image database so no need to worry that it would consume a high amount of data.

The results that are thrown back by this app are turned out to be pretty much accurate. The scanning time would obviously depend on the number of photos you already have, but the good thing being here is the ability to deselect photos from the results if you feel like keeping them.


You can run this app without worrying about the number of photos you have. This app can handle any number of photos easily, say, thousands and return the results for you with utmost accuracy. But then, the number of photos it would delete per day is limited in every run, even though the app is free. You can delete photos beyond the limit in the same day, but for that, you need to invite a friend to use this app. Otherwise, you need to wait for the day to pass.

If you are a WhatsApp junkie, Magic Cleaner’s assistance would be useful for you someday or the other. Even though this App is currently available for Android platform, we can expect the iOS version soon from the developers.


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