Sygic: Best Free Offline GPS Navigation and Maps for Android

Android is popular because of many reasons and map is one of them. The in-built map app aka Google Maps is one of the best maps for Android users. However, sometime it will not work if you haven’t done anything previously. For example, you are in a place, where internet doesn’t work or your cellular data is having some issue and hence, you are not able to connect to the internet. On the other hand, you need to navigate through a particular path. Therefore, if you haven’t stored or downloaded your map previously, you cannot use Google maps at such moments.

This is where offline GPS navigation app comes in. Sygic is a free and offline GPS navigation and Maps app for Android, which will let you navigate through any path and place without having internet. It shows all the things, what are generally required for a person to reach somewhere. The overview or the user interface is pretty good and there is no doubt that developers have spent a lot of time to design the idea of offline GPS navigation.

Sygic: Best Free Offline GPS Navigation and Maps for Android

Sygic: Best Free Offline GPS Navigation and Maps for Android

Sygic is a very feature rich offline GPS navigation app for Android. Generally, it works without internet. However, if you need a detailed information about a place, you must have to turn on your internet service. For example, you want to know the traffic condition of a road. At such moments, you cannot get that info without internet. You must have to turn it on in order to get a detailed info about latest traffic condition.

Although, Sygic comes with a lot of features but some of the important features are mentioned below,

  • High quality TomTom maps. Though it is not available in all the countries but most of the countries have this maps service, which will help you to navigate through better.
  • Voice guided navigation
  • Live traffic condition notification (internet is required)
  • Mobile speed camera or radar warnings
  • Dynamic lane guidance
  • Speed limit warning on map
  • Alternate or shortcut route viewer
  • Car audio integration
  • Will help you to avoid toll
  • Can enter GPS coordinates

There are more other features but these are the most useful marked by all the Sygic users. However, you should know that not all the features are available in all territories.

If you like the features, you can setup Sygic within moments. At first, download and install Sygic on your Android mobile. Just make sure that it is running Android 4.0 or later version. Basically, it works offline because you download the maps for the first and only time. therefore, after opening Sygic in your Android mobile, you can find a screen something like this,

Download map in Sygic

Tap on DOWNLOAD MAP button and download the map of your country. You can also change it by tapping on “Choose from other countries” button.

Sygic search result

The search works really good. But it has a problem. As it works offline, you cannot get newly added places. Otherwise, it works pretty good.

That’s it! Hope this tiny tool would be helpful for you.

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